Watering Tips After Lawn Fertilization: The Secrets You Should Share

A healthy lawn is the result of a fruitful partnership between you and your clients. To ensure that your clients get the most out of your services, it’s crucial to educate them on what steps to take after certain treatments. One key aspect is proper watering after fertilization.

Joey Steele, the lawn and plant health care manager at Master Lawn in Olive Branch, Mississippi, understands that homeowners often have questions about watering and fertilization. They want to know when and how much to water after a fertilization service.

Steele advises waiting for about 24 hours after fertilization before watering the lawn. However, he emphasizes the importance of a thorough watering session to activate the fertilizer and allow the nutrients to nourish the lawn.

To make the most of watering, Steele recommends doing it in the early morning. This timing allows the lawn to absorb the water before it evaporates, unlike watering in the middle of the day. Additionally, watering in the late afternoon or evening can create conditions for fungal growth.

Another common question from homeowners is how long they should water their lawns. Steele suggests watering one to two times per week at the start of the fertilization season in early spring. During dry periods in the summer, it may be necessary to increase watering to three or four times per week. This advice helps clients prevent drought stress and keep their lawns healthy.

When it comes to the amount of water needed, Steele advises aiming for one to two inches per week. This can be achieved through rainfall, hand-watering, or an irrigation system. Homeowners often underestimate the amount of rain their lawn receives, so Steele suggests using a rain gauge for a more accurate measurement.

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Steele understands that manually watering with a hose or sprinkler can be tedious, especially in hot climates. To simplify the process, he recommends considering an irrigation system. This method eliminates guesswork and ensures consistent watering, leading to better lawn results.

Remember, communication is key to a successful partnership with your clients. By sharing these watering tips after fertilization, you can help them achieve the lush, green lawns they desire. For more information and assistance, consider reaching out to Ames Farm Center. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources to support your lawn care journey.

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