Agri Fab Mow n Vac: An Ingenious Solution for Lawn Maintenance


Maintaining a well-groomed lawn can be a challenging task, but with the right tools, it becomes much easier. One such tool is the Agri Fab Mow n Vac, a remarkable innovation that simplifies lawn maintenance. In this article, we will explore the features of this handy equipment and delve into some interesting insights that make it a must-have for any homeowner.

Agri Fab Mow n Vac

Enhancements for Optimal Performance

A Customizable Solution

The Agri Fab Mow n Vac presents itself as an adaptable apparatus, capable of tackling various lawn maintenance challenges. While it may have some minor issues due to previous owners’ modifications, these can be easily rectified. The snout, for instance, can be enlarged and reinforced with a piece of sheet metal, ensuring a seamless connection. Additionally, by eliminating any obstructions that cause blockages, such as plastic tubing and spray foam insulation, the transition into the snout becomes much smoother.

Improving Air Volume

One area where the Agri Fab Mow n Vac could benefit from enhancement is air volume. Currently, the vac may lack the desired suction power. A potential solution involves replacing the deck adapter with one that fits perfectly with the Horse’s 48″ deck. This eliminates the need for a reduced hose fitting, resulting in optimal air flow. Surprisingly, while the manufacturer recommends a 6″ hose, the blower’s inlet size is only 5″. This inconsistency raises questions about the design and functionality of the equipment. To address this concern, contacting the Customer Service team is essential for obtaining the correct information and finding the right solution.

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Uncovering Design Flaws

Obsolete Parts and Disappointing Service

Unfortunately, the Agri Fab Mow n Vac has a few design flaws that have caused frustration among users. One such issue involves the angled nose adapter for the blower, which has been discontinued. Even though the alternative straight nose adapter is not ideal, switching to it is the only option. However, when inquiring about this change, encountering unhelpful customer service representatives and being subjected to restocking fees and return shipping expenses is disheartening. Nonetheless, resourceful users have found ways to overcome this setback, such as creating their own inlet and fashioning a hose hanger and bungee strap.

The Airflow Conundrum

Another concern that arises with the Agri Fab Mow n Vac is the construction of the blower housing. The large opening on the rear engine side, designed for the engine shaft and impeller nose, is unnecessarily wide, measuring 4-1/8″. This larger opening allows excess material to escape onto the engine’s cooling fins, potentially damaging them. To rectify this issue, users have devised their own solutions, creating slotted metal covers that reduce the opening to a more suitable size, thereby improving the airflow to the deck. It remains uncertain whether this design flaw affects all units, raising doubts about quality control during the manufacturing process.


The Agri Fab Mow n Vac offers homeowners a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining their lawns. Despite a few setbacks involving the deck adapter, customer service, and design flaws, resourceful users have found creative ways to overcome these challenges. With its customizable features and the potential for enhancements, the Agri Fab Mow n Vac remains a reliable choice for anyone seeking a powerful and efficient lawn maintenance tool. For more information about this exceptional equipment, visit the Ames Farm Center.

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