10 Creative Ideas for Displaying Air Plants

Air plants, also known as Tillandsias, are a fantastic way to bring a touch of greenery into your living space. Highly regarded by both designers and florists, these unique plants add a modern and natural element to your interior design. Unlike traditional plants, air plants don’t need soil to grow. Instead, they absorb nutrients from the surrounding air. This makes them incredibly versatile to display, whether hanging from your ceiling or adorning your bookshelf.

Channel the Native Habitat: Cholla Wood

To create a stunning display that mimics the natural habitat of air plants, try placing them on Cholla Wood. This decorative wood is reminiscent of the semi-arid environments where many air plant species thrive. Enhance the desert-oasis feel by incorporating Reindeer Moss or Forest Moss alongside the air plants.

Air Plants on Cholla Wood

Moss Walls for a Modern Touch

For a truly unique and contemporary display, consider using moss walls to showcase your air plants. These living walls not only bring a piece of the outdoors inside but also serve as excellent examples of biophilic design. Whether used as desk dividers in your office or mounted on the wall, make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight. Maintain the moss’s freshness by misting it regularly.

Reindeer Moss Wall and Air Plants

Repurposed Glass Bottles

Transform glass bottles into stunning vessels for displaying your air plants. Fill the bottles with soft glass pebbles and sea glass, then add a touch of White Reindeer Moss at the opening. Rest the air plant on top of the moss. If you live in a drier climate, you can add a little water to the bottles. As the water evaporates, it will provide much-needed humidity to your plants.

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Air Plants Display in Glass Bottles

Grapevine Wreaths for the Holidays

During the holiday season, use grapevine wreaths as a fantastic base for displaying air plants. Place the air plants in the center of the wreath and embellish with preserved eucalyptus and other dried botanicals.

Air Plants displayed on Grapevine Wreath

Embrace Ceramics

Air plants complement ceramics beautifully. Whether you choose to display multiple plants in a bowl or a single plant in a ceramic mug, this combination is visually striking. This display style is particularly captivating with medium to large xerographicas or other spiraling air plants like the Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador.

Air Plants in Ceramics

Mossy Bark Displays

Moss and air plants go hand in hand. Emulate the air plants’ natural habitat by showcasing them on SuperMoss Moss Bark.

Air Plants displayed on Bark

Stone Planters for Modern Elegance

Create a stunning display by placing air plants in Volcanic Stone Planters. Layer them with Sea Glass or Reindeer Moss and position a couple of air plants on top. This arrangement makes for an eye-catching centerpiece on a bookshelf or countertop.

Air Plants in Volcanic Stone Planter

Hanging Glass Teardrop Terrariums

For a fun and whimsical display, use hanging glass teardrop terrariums. You can create a mini terrarium or simply place the air plant inside. Hang them from the ceiling or even incorporate them into your Christmas tree decorations. These versatile displays look fantastic in any setting.

Hanging Air Plant Vessel

Open Terrariums for Enhanced Humidity

Pairing air plants with terrariums is a winning combination. The glass enclosure retains moisture, increasing the humidity levels for your air plants. This is particularly beneficial for “mesic air plants” that thrive in higher humidity and require more frequent watering. Ensure the terrarium has an opening to allow proper airflow for your air plants.

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Air Plant in Open Terrarium

Air Plants among Houseplants

Air plants make excellent companions for houseplants. In nature, they attach themselves to other plants and trees to grow. Grouping air plants with other plants increases humidity levels and provides filtered sunlight, protecting them from scorching afternoon rays. Simply place the air plants on top of the base of the plant or attach them to the branches.

Air Plants amongst Houseplants

Remember, these creative display ideas will help you showcase your air plants in unique and visually pleasing ways. Experiment with different materials, arrangements, and locations. Immerse your living space in the beauty of air plants and enjoy the natural touch they bring.

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Happy Growing!