Create a Stunning Air Plant Wall Display in Easy Steps

I have an obsession with air plants (tillandsia) and constantly change up the displays in my home. My absolute favorite is a breathtaking air plant wall display that adds a cozy and unique touch to any room. The beautiful wooden pieces create a stunning backdrop for your air plants.

Supplies to Create an Amazing Air Plant Decor

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to gather all the necessary supplies for the look you want to achieve. Whether you want to add different accents or utilize materials you already have, having a clear direction is crucial. Here are some suggested materials:

  • Beach wood or any branch you have available
  • Picture Hanger Wire
  • Picture Hooks
  • Drill
  • D-Ring Hanger with screws
  • Plug-in Mini Lights with Remote
  • Small Bottles
  • Black Craft Wire
  • Screwdriver

The star of the show, of course, is the air plants themselves. With an incredible variety to choose from, Etsy is an excellent resource for finding the perfect air plants for your DIY air plant holder.

Air Plant Wall Display DIY Tips to Keep in Mind When Decorating

When venturing into creating an air plant wall display, it’s crucial to keep a few key things in mind, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your creation:

  1. Select the right material: Air plants require proper airflow, so avoid completely enclosed containers or jars. Terrarium displays with open tops are ideal, as they allow for ventilation.

  2. Consider natural light: If the location where you plan to place your air plants lacks natural light, consider relocating them. Alternatively, you can use a clip-on fluorescent grow light to provide the necessary illumination.

  3. Watering: Air plants require regular watering. Every three to four weeks, submerge them in a bowl of filtered water for approximately two hours. Ensure they are thoroughly dry before returning them to the display.

  4. Choose the right location: Avoid placing your air plant display in direct sunlight or near heat sources like fireplaces, as excessive heat can damage the plants.

  5. Soil is unnecessary: Air plants don’t need soil to thrive, so there’s no need to add it to your display.

  6. Avoid glue or chemicals: Since air plants are living organisms, refrain from using glue or any other chemicals. These plants won’t survive these treatments.

  7. Wire attachment: Rather than attaching the plants with wire, try to balance them on the vessel or wood. This will allow the air plants to thrive without any negative reactions.

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Selecting the Right Material for the Air Plant Holder

In my bedroom, where I embrace a contemporary style, I decided to bring a touch of nature by using driftwood. The smaller pieces of driftwood can be arranged creatively, making them appear larger and more dramatic. While you can use various materials, wood is an excellent choice as it maintains a natural aesthetic, reminiscent of the air plants’ natural habitat. Baskets and frames can also serve as unique displays.

Watering and Natural Light to Keep Your Air Plant Wall Display Alive

To ensure your air plant wall display thrives, both watering and natural light are essential elements.

Natural Lighting

Growing up, air plants were ubiquitous, and now, I can’t get enough of them! Natural light is crucial for their well-being. Place your display near a window with indirect lighting, which is sufficient for air plants. You can easily move them around since they don’t require soil.

  • Natural indirect lighting: 8 hours daily
  • Fluorescent grow light: 12 hours daily


Proper watering is a critical aspect of caring for air plants. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Every three to four weeks, submerge your air plants in filtered water for approximately two hours.
  • After soaking, gently shake off any excess water and allow the plants to dry thoroughly before returning them to the display.
  • If you have a spot with inadequate lighting or limited time to care for the plants, consider using faux air plants. These realistic-looking alternatives are widely available and can help you achieve a stunning display without the need for constant maintenance.
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Using Glue or Wire is Not the Right Way to Create an Air Plant Wall Display

While trying to make things work, we sometimes resort to using glue or wire to attach objects. However, when it comes to air plants, it’s unnecessary. Gluing or wiring air plants can interfere with their natural growth and vitality. Instead, allow the lightness and softness of the plants to shine by providing the right vessel or support. You’ll find that almost anything can work beautifully with your air plants.

How to Choose the Right Air Plants for the Display

One of the most exciting aspects of working with air plants is the vast range of sizes and shapes they come in. When selecting air plants for your display, aim for a variety of sizes to add visual interest. As for colors, choose according to your preferences as there are countless options available. Think of air plants as your paint on the wall, allowing you to tell a unique story as you arrange them.

10 Steps to Create an Air Plant Wall Display

To bring your air plant wall display to life, follow these simple steps:


  1. Measure the space and determine the layout you desire. Lay out the three pieces of driftwood on the floor, positioning two higher and one lower in the center. This will help you determine where to place the picture wire loops.

  2. Drill small holes in the driftwood to attach D-Ring hangers. Make sure the angle and location of the driftwood are suitable for your picture hooks.

  3. Attach the picture wire from loop to loop on each piece of driftwood.

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  1. Install picture hooks and mount the driftwood on the wall.

  2. Add lights to your display, concealing the wiring as much as possible. Consider using 33 Feet Warm White LED Fairy Lights with a remote control and copper wire. Start wrapping the lights from the end where you’ll be plugging them into the wall, ensuring they reach the desired location. Make sure the remote receiver is visible for convenient control.

  3. Use black craft wire to create loops around the neck of each bottle. Attach the wire to the opposite end to create hooks for hanging.

  4. Hang the bottles, placing one on each piece of driftwood.

Placing Air Plants

  1. Begin placing air plants on the bottles and around the driftwood. Use larger air plants to conceal the picture wire loops and hooks, creating a seamless display.

  2. Plug in the lights and enjoy the ambiance they create! Your mood lighting is set.

Make Your Air Plant Wall Display Glow!

Now, you can sit back and enjoy your new air plant wall display, especially when the twinkle lights illuminate the room. The remote control allows you to adjust the lighting to your preference, creating the perfect atmosphere. Cozy up with your air plants and let me know how much you’re enjoying them. Your feedback is always appreciated as I love hearing from you.

Stay creative, and remember, your cocoon awaits you!

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