Discover the Benefits of Ancient Nutrition Plant Protein

Are you searching for a delicious and creamy plant-based protein powder? Look no further than Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ products. These powders are made from real, recognizable foods, including organic seeds and berries. With a blend of specially selected proteins from seven ancient seeds and the added boost of seven organic adaptogen botanicals, our vegan protein products provide a powerful nutrient boost to your everyday routine. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or simply want to incorporate more superfoods into your meals, our plant protein powders are convenient, easy to digest, and packed with goodness.

The Problems with Standard Plant Proteins

Many plant protein powders on the market today come with their own set of issues. They often contain grains, soy, or peas, which can be difficult for some people to digest. Additionally, certain plant proteins naturally contain “antinutrients” that can hinder digestion. At Ancient Nutrition, we have formulated our Plant Protein+ products with your digestive health in mind. Our blend of organic superfood seeds, such as pumpkin, flax, chia, hemp, sunflower, sacha inchi, and watermelon seeds, is free from grains, soy, and peas. We have removed much of the fiber from these seeds to make them easier on your digestive system, ensuring that you can enjoy our protein powders without any discomfort.

Introducing Plant Protein+ from Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ powders are a vegan superfood that combines the best of nature’s offerings. Our unique blend includes a combination of seven organic ancient seeds, seven organic ancient botanicals, organic MCTs, and monk fruit sweetener. Each serving of our plant protein powder contains 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and no added sugars. It’s a convenient and delicious way to fuel your day!

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Our Plant Protein+ powders are not just about protein. They are designed to provide a holistic approach to your wellness journey. We believe that our vegan protein powders are the most beneficial on the market because they combine protein with beneficial botanical ingredients. Ingredients like ashwagandha, reishi and cordycep mushrooms, and rhodiola have been used in traditional Chinese herbalism and Ayurveda for thousands of years. These adaptogens have a wide range of benefits and, when combined with real whole foods, form a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The Benefits of Plant Protein+

Consuming enough protein is crucial for maintaining high energy levels, building muscle, and supporting various bodily functions. However, our Plant Protein+ powders offer more than just protein. Here’s what sets our products apart:

  1. Digestion and Nutrient Assimilation Support: Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ is the first-of-its-kind formula specifically designed to support digestion and nutrient assimilation, making it an ideal protein powder for gut health support and overall wellness.

  2. Botanical and Adaptogenic Benefits: Our powders feature organic herbals, botanicals, and adaptogenic mushrooms that support your body’s response to stress, memory, cognitive function, body composition, healthy aging, and more.

  3. Muscle Support and Energy Boost: Each serving of Plant Protein+ provides 15 grams of protein, helping to fuel your muscles and support post-workout recovery. It also helps boost healthy energy levels, reduce fatigue, and support a positive mindset.

  4. Focus and Mental Stamina: Our plant protein powders support focus and mental stamina, allowing you to stay sharp and perform at your best.

  5. Muscle Mass and Strength: Plant Protein+ can contribute to increased muscle mass and strength, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

  6. Athletic Performance: Our powders can promote athletic performance, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength and recovery, speed, lower limb muscular strength, and neuromuscular coordination.

  7. Healthy Sexual Function and Hormonal Balance: Plant Protein+ may help support healthy sexual function, reproductive function, and healthy testosterone levels.

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Why Choose Our Plant Protein+

When choosing a protein powder, quality and preparation matter. At Ancient Nutrition, we have gone above and beyond to bring you the best plant protein powder available. Here’s what makes our Plant Protein+ unique:

  • We use organic seeds grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring purity and quality.
  • Our powders go beyond providing protein by featuring botanicals that support overall wellness.
  • They are completely grain-free, soy-free, and pea-free.
  • Our formula contains no filler ingredients, artificial additives, or stevia, resulting in a product made entirely from real food ingredients.
  • The powders have a creamy, non-gritty texture that enhances your recipes.
  • We use monk fruit extract as a natural, mild sweetener, eliminating any bitter aftertaste.
  • The inclusion of MCT oil enhances the smooth texture and lends a creamy, rich flavor to your recipes, all while keeping the sugar and carb content low.

Our Plant Protein+ is available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Berry. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing you to mix it with water, nut milk, coffee, or tea. You can also blend it into smoothies or incorporate it into various recipes like protein bars, pancakes, cookies, muffins, chia pudding, and energy bites. The options are endless!

Discover the power of Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein+ and elevate your wellness journey today.

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