The Fascinating World of Black Tomato Plants

Black Tomato

Picture a classic tomato – rounded, with glossy red skin and a smooth texture. That’s what you usually find at the grocery store. But when you grow your own tomatoes, a whole new world opens up to you. You can experiment with different shapes, textures, and colors. And one of the most intriguing colors available is black.

While true black tomatoes are yet to be discovered, there are varieties that come close with their dark purple or brown hues. These black tomatoes can add a touch of drama to your backyard and are perfect for those who appreciate a unique aesthetic. Whether you want an interesting pop of color in your vegetable garden or tomatoes that match your overall style, this list of black tomato varieties has something for everyone.

Black Krim: A Classic Heirloom

Black Krim

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known black tomato varieties is Black Krim. It features deep red-purple fruits with dark green tops. This heirloom, originating from Crimea, produces large fruits on indeterminate vines around 80 days after planting. The color of these tomatoes adds a great visual appeal to salads and also makes them a wonderful choice for tomato sauce.

Black Beauty: The Darkest of Them All

Black Beauty

While Black Krim was one of the first widely available “black” tomatoes, Black Beauty takes the prize for the darkest color. These tomatoes are so dark blue or purple that they appear completely black under certain lighting conditions. When cut open, the bright red flesh creates an interesting contrast with the dark color. Besides their stunning appearance, Black Beauty tomatoes are incredibly tasty.

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Black Prince: Cold Weather Champion

Black Prince

Black Prince is an heirloom variety that thrives in colder climates. Unlike most tomatoes that prefer warm temperatures, this dark variety sets fruit even in relatively cold weather, making it ideal for cooler regions. While the skin is not as dark as others, closer to a dark maroon than black with green tops, the stunning dark pulp makes Black Prince tomatoes great for sauces.

Dark Galaxy: A Tomato from Another World

Dark Galaxy

If you’re looking for a visually captivating tomato, Dark Galaxy is the one for you. Its skin is a captivatingly dark purple-black with patches of red and yellow spots that turn the fruits into a galaxy-like kaleidoscope. To intensify this wonderful color, make sure to give the fruits plenty of sunlight.

Black Cherry: Adorable and Dramatic

Black Cherry

For fans of adorable and sweet cherry tomatoes who want a bit more drama in their garden, Black Cherry is the perfect choice. These small fruits, ready 75 days after planting, are deep purple in color, with a similar coloring when cut open. They are perfect as a garnish or as a delicious snack on their own.

Amazon Chocolate: A Sweet and Juicy Delight

Amazon Chocolate

This beefsteak-type tomato plant produces large fruits with a purple-black tinge to their exterior. Amazon Chocolate tomatoes are sweet, juicy, and have a wonderful texture that suits a wide range of culinary uses. Although this variety may be harder to find, keep an eye out online for seeds from specialized growers.

Black Icicle: A Rare and Impressive Tomato

Black Icicle

Black Icicle is a rare heirloom tomato variety originating in Ukraine. It is the only black paste tomato on this list, sought after for its rich color and impressive flavor. Its elongated shape adds interest in the garden, especially considering the abundance of fruits one plant can produce in a season.

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Black Zebra: A Tomato with Striking Patterns

Black Zebra

As the name suggests, Black Zebra tomatoes have a brownish-red color streaked with green, almost like a painting on the skin. The taste is sweet, and these fruits are perfect for eating fresh.

Cherokee Purple: A Timeless Heirloom

Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple is a widely popular heirloom tomato known for its impressive size and interesting flesh. As long as they get enough sun, these tomatoes will reward you with their gorgeous colors throughout the summer.

Carbon: The Best Tasting Tomato


One of the winners of the Best Tasting Tomato award, Carbon, is a must-have in any garden. The dark color of the fruits is matched by a complex and rich flavor, making them a great addition to any tomato-based dish. The plants are prolific producers, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Chocolate Stripes: Green Stripes with a Bold Flavor

Chocolate Stripes

Similar in color to Black Zebra, Chocolate Stripes adds another green-striped option to your tomato collection. These tomatoes reach an impressive size and have a powerful flavor that matches their bold exterior. The plant continues producing well into fall, complementing the changing colors of the season.

Black Sea Man: Russian Charm

Black Sea Man

Hailing from Russia, Black Sea Man tomatoes produce irregularly shaped large fruits with dark greenish-purple skin. As a determinate tomato, the plants are slightly smaller and feature fruit that ripens all at once. So make sure you have a plan to use your bounty of tomatoes when harvest time comes.

Black Plum: Unique Shape and Deep Color

Black Plum

Black Plum tomatoes stand out with their elongated shape and deep burgundy color with green tops. This indeterminate tomato, also from Russia, looks stunning when sliced or tossed into a salad. Thanks to their texture, they are also ideal for fresh sauces.

Dwarf Velvet Night: Compact and Flavorful

Dwarf Velvet Night

For those looking for a compact tomato plant that’s perfect for container gardening, Dwarf Velvet Night is an excellent choice. These adorable blackish-brown fruits appear around 70 days after planting. Slightly larger than cherry tomatoes, they pack a flavor punch and are incredibly productive.

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Dark Tiger: A Beautiful Blend of Colors

Dark Tiger

Dark Tiger tomatoes feature a mix of dark purple-black and deep red colors in a striped pattern, giving them their name. The plants produce fruits in around 75 days with an earthy, sweet taste that complements many dishes.

Indigo Rose: The True Purple Tomato

Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose is a truly unique tomato variety developed at Oregon State University. It was the first tomato to contain the antioxidant anthocyanin, responsible for purple and blue-black fruits and vegetables. The globe-shaped fruits almost resemble grapes and are incredibly dark in color.

Black From Tula: Rising in Popularity

Black From Tula

Black From Tula is another rare variety gaining popularity for its color and flavor. The dark brownish-green exterior gives these tomatoes a smoky appearance that matches the flavorful flesh inside. The size of the fruits and the overall yield of the plant are impressive. Disease-resistant and easy to grow, Black From Tula is a fantastic addition to any garden.

Purple Calabash: Ruffled and Full of Color

Purple Calabash

Purple Calabash tomatoes stand out with their deep purple-brown color and ruffled shape, making them a classic heirloom choice. While they may take a little longer to mature than some other varieties, the wait is worth it. Give them ample sunlight to enhance their dark purple color.

With these black tomato varieties, you can add a touch of intrigue and aesthetic appeal to your garden. Experiment with different shapes, flavors, and colors to create a unique and captivating tomato collection. And if you’re ready to embark on this exciting tomato-growing journey, head over to Ames Farm Center, where you can find a wide range of black tomato varieties and other gardening essentials.

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