Unveiling the Enchanting Beauty of the Blue String Of Pearls Plant

A beautiful healthy string of pearls plant with long trails growing out of a big tall pot

The Blue String Of Pearls plant is a captivating sight that captures one’s attention from the very first glance. Its allure is undeniable, making it a must-have for any plant enthusiast. When I relocated to Santa Barbara, I was fortunate enough to discover several abandoned pots left behind by the previous homeowner. Among them, I spotted the mesmerizing Blue String Of Pearls plant that I had long admired.

Four years ago, I obtained a 2″ plant and carefully placed it in a large pot on my patio. Nestled alongside the Coprosma, Plectranthus, and other seasonal annuals of my choosing, it thrived remarkably. Its growth was rapid, with elegant trails cascading downwards instead of spreading outwards, signaling that it was time for some propagation.

Please note that this post was originally published on 4/4/2013 and has been updated on 3/22/2023. Over time, I have shared additional posts on the String Of Pearls plant. Rather than extensively revising this particular post, I will provide a list of my more recent articles below. These will offer a wealth of information on this fascinating succulent.

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Revealing the Secrets of Propagating A String Of Pearls

As depicted in the image above, I have been carefully cutting the trails when they reach the soil. These trimmed stems tend to split at certain points, but even so, they continue to grow. To propagate this enchanting plant, I selected a few of these long, slender stems and removed the top round leaves, commonly referred to as “pearls.” These leafless stems were then inserted back into the pot, ensuring that at least 3 or 4 leaf nodes were submerged in the soil, as this is where the roots emerge from.

The pot itself is filled with high-quality organic potting soil, which is regularly enriched with both compost and worm compost. Consequently, no additional soil preparation is required. Although I typically heal off the succulent stems in my yard, I skip this step for these delicate strands due to their minuscule diameter.

If you’re interested in learning more about my worm compost/compost feeding technique, you can find the details here.

Nurturing Your String Of Pearls: A Guide to Outdoor Care

When it comes to light exposure, it is essential to provide bright, indirect light to the Blue String Of Pearls plant. The Coprosma plant effectively shields it from any direct afternoon sunlight. The soil, preferably well-drained, such as potting soil or cactus mix, plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of this plant. Allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings, as the little round pearls store water within them. Remember, like any succulent, overwatering poses a significant risk to its survival.

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While I selectively and routinely water the Coprosma, Plectranthus, and other annuals, I ensure that the String of Pearls receives a drink whenever necessary. Fortunately, my plant has remained free of insects and diseases, so I have no personal advice to offer in that regard.

Although this plant does produce small white, fuzzy blooms, they are relatively inconspicuous in terms of size. Nevertheless, their sweet scent adds to the plant’s allure. It is important to note that the popularity of the Blue String Of Pearls plant stems from its uniqueness and appeal as a conversation piece, rather than its ability to display showy flowers.

Warning: Please be aware that the embedded YouTube video below is an older recording.

Video: Adorable little leaves which I call "peas"

If you’re eager to learn more about caring for succulents indoors, explore these comprehensive guides that cover a range of topics, including choosing succulents and pots, watering techniques, essential care tips, and much more.

In conclusion, this article has provided a concise overview of how to care for the Blue String Of Pearls plant outdoors. It is worth noting that this succulent is commonly sold as a houseplant. For more in-depth information, I encourage you to explore the latest posts listed at the beginning. Happy gardening!

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