The Enchanting World of Butterfly Candy Plants

Imagine a garden adorned with vibrant splashes of color, where butterflies dance among the flowers in a mesmerizing display. Introducing the alluring Butterfly Candy ™ series by Buddleia, a collection of exquisite plants that will elevate your landscape to new heights. Get ready to be the envy of your neighborhood as you become the first to embrace these captivating wonders.

A Symphony of Colors

The Butterfly Candy ™ series offers a palette of five stunning hues: Grape, Lavender, Pink, Raspberry, and White. Each one is more enchanting than the last, creating a kaleidoscope of beauty in your garden. These bushes are known for their ability to transform, as though an artist has used food coloring to paint each petal. Witness the magical spectacle as your butterfly candy bush changes its color, becoming a showstopper in your garden.

Compact and Versatile

The Butterfly Candy ™ series is designed to make a statement, even in the tightest spaces. With a compact height and width of 2-3 feet, these plants are perfect for container gardening and small landscapes. Their low-growing habit adds versatility, making them ideal for borders, hedges, and any area that needs a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space.

A Haven for Beneficials

Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds will flock to your garden, drawn to the sweet nectar of the Butterfly Candy ™ series. These plants have been carefully bred for their ability to rebloom from spring through summer, ensuring a continuous feast for your beloved pollinators. Even in mid-October, our Lil’ Bubblegum still boasts vibrant blooms, providing nourishment and beauty.

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Hardy and Resilient

The Butterfly Candy ™ series thrives in a variety of climates. With increased hardiness ranging from zones 4 to 11, these plants can withstand both freezing temperatures as low as -20°F and scorching heat up to 95°F. They are sun-loving wonders, thriving in full sun but also tolerating partial shade. However, for optimal results, we recommend at least 6 hours of sunlight to promote abundant flowering. These plants are relatively low-maintenance, only requiring well-drained, high organic soils for their best performance. Once established, they can endure mild drought and wet conditions with ease.

Order Now for a Vibrant Tomorrow

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your garden to life with the enchanting Butterfly Candy ™ series. Place your order with us at Ames Farm Center, where we ship our plants with care and precision. Our processing time is usually 1-3 days, and we offer UPS ground shipping. For urgent orders or different shipping options, contact us for additional pricing information.

Note: At Ames Farm Center, we believe in showcasing the true quality of our products. While we strive to provide accurate representation through pictures and videos on our website, please be aware that the plants you receive may vary in size and blooming state depending on the season. We trim off blooms for shipping purposes, but rest assured, your purchase is an investment in the future beauty of your garden.

Butterfly Candy Plant

Video: Exploring the Butterfly Candy ™ Series
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