Cadbury Plant Bar: A Sweet Delight for Vegan Chocolate Lovers

Indulging in the rich, velvety taste of Cadbury chocolate has always been a pleasure for chocolate enthusiasts. However, the joy was not extended to those following a vegan lifestyle – until now. British confectionery giant Cadbury has unveiled its first line of vegan chocolate bars, delighting plant-based enthusiasts across Canada.

A Plant-Based Alternative with a Twist

The Cadbury Plant Bars come in two tantalizing flavors: Smooth Chocolate and Salted Caramel. To create these delectable vegan treats, Cadbury replaced dairy milk with almond paste, infusing every bite with a subtle nuttiness that sets it apart from the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk.

A Dream Come True for Canadian Cadbury Fans

Chantal Butler, Vice President of Marketing at Mondelēz Canada (Cadbury’s parent company), expressed her excitement about introducing the Cadbury Plant Bar to Canadians: “We know many Cadbury-lovers have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Cadbury Plant Bar since its launch in the United Kingdom last year, and we’re delighted to finally have a vegan option for Canadians. As one of the leaders in snacking, we understand that Canadian tastes are evolving, and our ambition is to provide a wide range of products that cater to different lifestyles.”

Years in the Making

The birth of Cadbury’s vegan bars comes after two years of meticulous development by the 197-year-old chocolate brand. Acknowledging the long wait that vegans endured, Cadbury launched a heartfelt marketing campaign in the UK, which included letters and murals addressed to vegan Brits, apologizing for the delay in creating these dairy-free bars. Cadbury’s letter read: “Sorry it’s taken this long. Sorry it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls…And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you waited. We simply wanted it to be perfect.”

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The Vegan Revolution

Cadbury joins a growing number of food giants that have embraced the plant-based movement by introducing vegan alternatives of their iconic confections. Swiss brand Lindt & Sprungli, for example, has launched a vegan milk-chocolate line in the UK. These oat-based chocolate bars, sold under its HELLO collection, come in enticing flavors such as Cookie, Salted Caramel, and Hazelnut.

Across Europe, Nestlé’s research and development team in York, United Kingdom created KitKat V, a vegan version of the beloved KitKat bar. Made from a combination of vegan chocolate and wafer fingers, the expansion of the vegan KitKat marks a significant milestone in the confectionery industry.

Even in the United States, The Hershey Company has made strides by test-launching its first vegan chocolate bars at select retailers. These oat milk-based bars, available in flavors like Classic Dark and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt, have been a hit among plant-based chocolate lovers.

Local Vegan Delights

Not to be outdone, Canadian chocolatier Purdys has introduced vegan versions of its iconic chocolate products at its numerous locations across the country. From the decadent Sweet Georgia Browns to the tantalizing Hawaiian Black Salt Caramels, Purdys caters to the diverse tastes of vegan chocolate enthusiasts. This year, Purdys has also unveiled its Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendars, adding excitement to the holiday season for plant-based chocolate lovers.

To create their dairy-free delights, Purdys uses rice milk powder as a substitute for dairy milk and coconut milk for their vegan caramel filling. What’s more, Purdys has dedicated a vegan-only molding and packaging line at its production kitchen, ensuring each vegan product is crafted with care.

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Amidst the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, Cadbury’s launch of the Cadbury Plant Bar signals a new era of indulgence for vegan chocolate lovers in Canada. With an impressive array of flavors and the renowned Cadbury quality, these vegan bars are set to satisfy the cravings of both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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