Protecting Your Plants from Chickens with DIY Garden Cloches

As the planting season is upon us, it’s crucial to shield small plants from the pesky scratching feet and nibbling beaks of your chickens. While fencing in your entire garden or confining your chickens to their run might seem like the obvious solution, what about those individual plants that need protection? Fear not, for we have the answer: chicken wire cloches that are not only effective but also easy to make.

The Perfect Defense for Your Tender Plants

It’s no secret that chickens aren’t the biggest fans of these cloches, but they work wonders in keeping your delicate plants safe from their feathered mischief. Whether you want to safeguard your budding greens from ducks, protect your flowers from bunnies, or shield your container plants from any interference, these cloches have got you covered. You can even use them to landscape your chicken run by protecting bushes and shrubs.

Crafting Your Own Chicken Wire Garden Cloche

Making these chicken wire garden cloches is a breeze, and you can customize them to fit different plant sizes. If you have some spare chicken wire lying around, you’re in luck! Simply curl it into a tube shape for free-form cloches that offer flexibility and ease. Alternatively, if you prefer a more structured approach, you can wrap the chicken wire around an old tomato cage. In this case, you won’t need forks, as the cage stakes will keep your cloche in place. You can even use a length of clothesline to create a handle on top.

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What You’ll Need

  • Chicken wire
  • Four old forks or a piece of clothesline

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut a length of chicken wire a few inches taller than the plant you intend to protect. Ensure that it’s long enough to form a circle around the plant with some room to spare.
  2. Bend the cut ends of the wire to secure the length into a tube shape. Then, cut a circle out of the chicken wire and use the cut ends to fasten it onto the top of the tube.
  3. To create ground stakes, bend one fork handle in half and attach it to the center of the cloche’s top by bending the tines in opposite directions over the wire.
  4. Attach the remaining three forks to the bottom edge of the cloche, spacing them evenly. This will allow you to sink the fork handles into the ground, keeping the cloche secure and preventing it from blowing away or being knocked over by curious chickens.
  5. Don’t worry if you don’t have fancy silver forks; any forks will do. Thrift shops and flea markets often have some great finds, and repurposing older utensils adds a touch of charm to your garden.

Now you have your very own DIY chicken wire garden cloche, ready to protect your precious plants from curious beaks and wandering paws. If you’re not the handy type or prefer a ready-made option, check out the selection of well-crafted and adorable chicken wire cloches offered by the Gardener’s Supply Company here.

Remember, with these versatile cloches, you can keep your garden flourishing while maintaining a harmonious balance between your chickens and plants. Happy gardening!

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Chicken Wire Cloche
Image source: Ames Farm Center