The Enchanting China Doll Plant: A Guide to Care and Growth

The China Doll Plant, scientifically known as Radermachera sinica, belongs to the Bignoniaceae family. This stunning plant, also called Emerald Tree or Serpent Tree, thrives on consistency and comfort. Just like us, it prefers a steady environment. Once you’ve discovered the perfect spot for your China Doll, keep it there, and watch it flourish. Although you can still move it around, give it the love and care it craves by leaving it in its beloved spot. Bright indirect light and consistently moist soil are the key ingredients for a happy China Doll Plant.

China Doll Plant Care


If you have a sunny area in your home that receives over six hours of natural sunlight each day (excluding cloudy days), your Radermachera sinica will thrive. This indoor plant, adorned with beautifully glossy foliage, needs to bask in sunlight to maintain its vibrancy. If you notice leaves falling inexplicably, try moving your China Doll closer to a window and let it soak up all the rays it craves.


Ensure that the soil never slightly dries out between watering sessions. China Doll Plants require consistent access to moisture in the soil. Once the moisture disappears, you’ll notice leaves bidding farewell. Watering your China Doll regularly is crucial for its growth. Pay attention to the leaves; if they become droopy and limp, it’s a sign that your plant is thirsty.


China Doll Plants adore warmth, but keep in mind that high temperatures cause indoor plants to dry out faster. An average household temperature ranging from 65 to 75 °F will keep these tropical plants content.

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While China Doll Plants are not extremely sensitive to humidity, they appreciate slightly higher levels of moisture. If the leaf tips start turning brown, it’s a sign that you should increase the humidity around the plant.


As a general rule, start fertilizing your China Doll Plant when you notice new growth, typically in spring. Throughout the summer months, continue fertilizing, but stop when you no longer see new growth. Opt for diluted complete liquid fertilizer, seaweed, or fish emulsion. Adding worm castings to the soil during repotting will provide additional nutrition.

Growth Rate

With the right conditions and ample light, the growth rate of China Doll Plants can be impressive. These plants can grow tall and wide, exceeding eight feet and beyond!

Pet Friend or Foe

China Doll Plants are non-toxic to pets, making them wonderful companions.

Pro Tips

  1. Pruning is essential to maintain a bushy and full appearance. Avoid removing more than a quarter of the foliage to ensure your plant has enough leaf surface area to generate energy.
  2. Rotate your China Doll Plant every time you water it to maintain a well-balanced shape.
  3. Keep your plant clean and happy by washing its leaves every month to eliminate dust and potential pests.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about caring for and growing your China Doll Plant, embark on this enchanting journey of nurturing and watching your plant flourish. Get started by exploring the beautiful selection of China Doll Plants at Ames Farm Center.