The Beauty of Copper Leaf: Adding a Touch of Elegance to Your Surfaces

Copper leaf, just like silver and gold leaf, possesses a unique charm that can transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art. Unlike its counterparts, copper leaf is typically only available in its genuine form, making it even more precious. This versatile material is perfect for gilding a wide range of surfaces, including plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, and fabric, among others.

Unleashing the Brilliance: Copper Leaf Coverage

When it comes to our copper leaf, you can purchase it in 16cm or 14cm square sheet dimensions. Each sheet covers approximately three square feet of surface area, making it ideal for various projects. However, for curved surfaces, keep in mind that you may need a larger quantity of copper leaf to ensure complete coverage.

You have two options when buying genuine copper leaf: loose leaf/interleaf sheets or transfer/patent sheets. Both varieties come in booklets containing twenty-five sheets of copper leaf.

Loose Leaf/Interleaf Sheets: Convenience and Precision

Loose leaf/interleaf copper leaf is packaged in booklets, with each sheet carefully separated by tissue paper. This makes it incredibly easy to extract the sheets and use them for smaller projects. You can drop the copper leaf directly onto your gilder’s cushion from the booklet or use a gilder’s knife to place it gently. Either method works perfectly, as the leaf adheres flawlessly to the prepared surface using a gilder’s tip.

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Transfer/Patent Sheets: Shaping Beauty

Another option for gilding with copper leaf is using patent sheets, also known as transfer leaf sheets. These sheets are pressed into tissue paper, which is slightly larger than the sheets themselves. This type of copper leaf proves invaluable when you want to shape the leaf into a specific image.

To use the transfer/patent sheets, gently rub the back of the tissue paper to loosen it. You can then remove the leaf or press it onto the prepared surface. This method is especially suitable for public spaces or exterior surfaces, as the shape of the leaf can be easily maintained during the gilding process.

Genuine Copper Leaf FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

What is copper leaf used for?

Copper leaf is a thin metal sheet that adds a layer of elegance to various surfaces. Its application is commonly for decorative purposes, bringing a brilliant shine and lustre to any space. You can use genuine copper leaf to adorn surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, fabric, and many others.

Do you need to seal copper leaf?

Over time, copper leaf may tarnish, affecting the overall appearance of your gilded area. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seal the copper leaf to maintain its beauty. This is especially important when gilding exterior surfaces, as exposure to the elements can accelerate tarnishing. Use a sealant or top coat, such as acrylic sealant, to protect the copper leaf and enhance its durability.

What are copper leaves?

Copper leaf, or copper leafing, refers to the incredibly thin sheets of copper used for gilding surfaces. From plastic to fabric, copper leaf can be applied to various materials, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication. The surfaces you choose to gild with genuine copper leaf will transform into stunning works of art, captivating all who behold them.

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Is copper leaf toxic?

While copper is a vital component in the human body, excessive exposure to it can be toxic and even fatal. Symptoms of copper consumption include anaemia, metallic taste, diarrhoea, chills or fever, abdominal pain, inability to urinate, and jaundice. It is crucial to note that copper leaf is not intended for consumption, unlike edible gold leaf or other edible metal leaf products.

Copper Leaf

Embrace the Elegance of Copper Leaf

With its distinct beauty and versatility, genuine copper leaf has the power to elevate any surface into a captivating masterpiece. Whether you choose to gild plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, or fabric, the result will be awe-inspiring. Remember to seal your copper leaf creations to preserve their brilliance and longevity. Explore the endless possibilities of copper leaf and transform your surroundings into exquisite works of art.

For all your copper leaf needs, visit Ames Farm Center, your trusted source of genuine copper leaf.