Double Potting: Enhancing Your Houseplant Aesthetics

Double Potting

Don’t just settle for planting your houseplants directly into decorative pots. Opt for the clever technique of double potting – a method often overlooked or forgotten. Allow me to enlighten you on why this simple practice can make a world of difference in nurturing your green companions.

The Drawbacks of Decorative Pots

No Drainage Hole

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: many designer pots lack drainage holes. While some may suggest using gravel or pot shards to compensate, this is merely a temporary fix. Excess water will inevitably accumulate, placing your plant’s delicate roots at risk of rot and eventual demise.

Additionally, designer pots with drainage holes may pose their own challenges. Their irregular shape or constrictions can make it almost impossible to remove the plant without causing harm to its roots. Contrastingly, grow pots were specifically designed for easy plant extraction. With a simple flip and thump, the plant can be released effortlessly.

Tap Into the Power of Cachepots


Rather than relegating designer pots to the role of potential plant killers, embrace their true potential as cachepots. Cachepot, derived from the French word “pot hider,” refers to using a decorative container to conceal a plain grow pot. By double potting your plants, you can achieve the aesthetic appeal you desire while simplifying their care.

Furthermore, the beauty of double potting lies in its flexibility. If a plant fails to meet your expectations within its decorative pot or struggles to thrive under your specific conditions, you can easily replace it with a more suitable option. The convenience of grow pots empowers you to swiftly make changes and maintain a flourishing indoor garden.

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Lastly, even decorative pots lacking drainage holes can serve a purpose. They can function as saucers, effectively catching excess water to protect your surfaces.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of double potting, unleash your creativity and bring life to your houseplants while ensuring they receive the care they deserve. For a remarkable selection of both grow and decorative pots, be sure to check out the extraordinary offerings at Ames Farm Center. Happy planting!