Introducing the Innovative Cup A Water Poultry Drinker

Are you tired of dealing with outdated drinking systems for your flock? Look no further! Flock Party introduces the revolutionary Cup A Water Poultry Drinker, a clear and easily assembled container that guarantees optimal hydration for your feathered friends. With the ability to hold up to four gallons of water, this poultry drinker is perfect for large flocks. Let’s explore the incredible features that set this product apart from the rest.

A Convenient and Efficient Design

The Cup A Water Poultry Drinker comes preassembled with a hook attachment for easy hanging. Its front features two precut holes specifically designed to accommodate poultry watering cups. These lightweight cups are perfectly sized to ensure a comfortable drinking experience for your flock. Each cup contains a small, moveable nozzle that regulates water flow when touched. This innovative feature not only provides better water management but also prevents wastage. With a tiny washer at the end of each cup, you can rest assured that the water inside the drinker will remain securely contained.

Directions for Assembly and Use

Assembling and using the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker is a breeze, taking less than two minutes to set up. Begin by removing the watering cups from their packaging and carefully following the instructions provided. Insert each cup into the designated precut hole, turning them clockwise until a tight seal is achieved. Once the cups are securely in place, it’s time to add water.

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Open the lid located on top of the drinker and fill it with the desired amount of water. The drinker features clear measurements on either side, providing convenience for precise filling. Afterward, hang the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker at the ideal height for your flock to access, usually around 3-4 inches above ground. Always ensure that the lid is closed and locked securely to prevent any accidental spills.

Versatile Hanging Options

Hanging the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker is a simple process that can be tailored to your flock’s specific environment. For permanent or long-term use, consider using steel screw hooks to suspend the drinker inside their living area, attached to wood or metal. Alternatively, you can hang the drinker outside the poultry coop or pen, allowing the red drinking cups to be accessible through the fence holes. Another option is to assemble the drinker from inside the coop or pen, providing a deterrent for your flock to climb on or into it. This method keeps the drinker clean and prevents unnecessary dirt or feces. Refilling the drinker from an outside hanging attachment can also enhance convenience.

A Smooth Transition

It’s essential to remove other water sources before introducing the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker to ensure a seamless transition for your flock. However, if you find that your flock is having trouble adapting to the new system, there are a few tricks you can try. Adding a small amount of plain yogurt or other safe food source to the end of the drinking cup nozzles can entice them to engage with the drinker. Dried mealworms placed under the nozzles can also encourage your flock to touch the nozzle and learn the new way of drinking water.

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Conclusion: A Game-Changing Solution

Not only is the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker an incredible product, but assembling it is also a hassle-free experience. No more wasting time on complicated projects or deciphering confusing instructions. With this poultry drinker, everything falls into place seamlessly. The end result exceeds expectations, leaving you wondering why you didn’t use it sooner. If you’re seeking a better solution for your flock’s drinking needs, look no further than the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker. It’s a highly recommended product for any poultry owner looking to enhance their current arrangements.


Watch the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker in Action:

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