The Revolutionary FTender Front Tanks: A Game-Changer in Agriculture

Are you ready to witness the future of farming? Say hello to the groundbreaking FTender front tank, available in two sizes: 1,600 liters and 2,200 liters. This innovative tank is a game-changer that will transform the way you work on the field. Let’s dive deeper into the remarkable features and versatile applications of this magic tank.

A Sight to Behold: Unparalleled Visibility and Easy Filling

The FTender front tank boasts a spacious hopper opening, measuring 1,100 mm x 2,200 mm, allowing for quick and effortless filling. Its aerodynamic design ensures excellent forward visibility, making it ideal for both road travel and field operations. Whether you’re driving or reversing, the FTender ensures a clear line of sight at all times. Choose between the open transport system with a roll-over cover or the pressurized hopper version, which offers a lockable lid for enhanced convenience.

Versatility at Its Finest: A Modular Kit for All Your Needs

The applications of the FTender front tank know no bounds. Here are some of the ways you can harness its power:

  1. Seed Hopper for Avant and Centaya Seed Drill Combinations: Use the FTender as a seed hopper alongside the Avant or pneumatic Centaya seed drill combination. This dynamic duo reduces filling time while increasing your overall output. You can also utilize the FTender as a fertiliser hopper with the Centaya, allowing for additional fertiliser application using the SingleShoot method. Integration options include either having its own complete ISOBUS electronic system or being seamlessly integrated into the seed drill’s electronic system.

  2. Precision Air Seeder Compatibility: Pair the FTender with the cutting-edge Precea precision air seeder for fertiliser applications, bringing unmatched precision to your farming practices.

  3. Cultivator Collaboration: Combine the FTender with renowned cultivators such as Catros, Cenius, Certos, and Ceus for efficient catch crop distribution or fertiliser spreading.

  4. Metering Function for Non-AMAZONE Machines: Harness the FTender’s versatility by using it as a tank with a metering function for seed or fertiliser, even when paired with non-AMAZONE machines.

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Electric Metering: Precision and Efficiency

The FTender features an electrically-driven metering unit, positioned conveniently underneath the seed hopper. This strategic placement ensures easy access and allows for swift exchange of metering rollers. Tailor your seed or fertiliser application rates effortlessly using the terminal in your tractor cab. Calibration becomes a breeze with the push of a button, and pre-metering in field corners is now a reality. Automatic control through application maps is also available for your convenience. The speed can be determined using a radar sensor on the front tank, the tractor’s speed signal, or GPS.

Quick Emptying and Seamless Calibration

Emptying the remaining contents of the FTender front tank is hassle-free, thanks to the separate quick emptying device. Say goodbye to residual seed or fertiliser hanging around. Additionally, calibration is a cinch with the on-board calibration scales and bag. Whether you opt for the calibration button, TwinTerminal, or mySeeder App, calibrating your machine has never been easier.

Easy Separation and Optional Front Tyre Packer

The FTender can be effortlessly detached from the rear machine using a quick-release mechanism. The hose package features a simple snap connection, while the ISOBUS connection offers a convenient plug-in system. For those looking for enhanced functionality, AMAZONE offers the FTender with an optional T-Pack F front tyre packer. This combination is perfect for sowing with the Avant or Centaya seed drill.

The self-steering T-Pack F tyre packer operates between the tractor’s tires, ensuring optimal reconsolidation between wheel marks while alleviating the load on the front axle. When driving on roads, the tyre packer can be moved into a transport position, elevating the tires and allowing the front tank to lower further. This unique feature provides an additional 25 cm of field vision, boosting safety and confidence on the road. Decoupling the tyre packer is a breeze, thanks to the intelligent coupling system. Support legs are included to ensure safe parking, and optional parking rollers further facilitate maneuverability.

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Get ready to revolutionize your farming practices with the FTender front tank. Its unparalleled versatility, cutting-edge features, and ease of use will elevate your agricultural pursuits to new heights. Discover the future of farming today at Ames Farm Center, your trusted partner in agricultural innovation.