Gotion Battery Plant Makes Strides Towards Michigan Expansion

Gotion Inc., an electric vehicle battery manufacturer, has recently acquired 270 acres of land in Green Charter Township, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ambitious plan to build a $2.36 billion battery plant near Big Rapids. This land acquisition, Gotion’s first in Michigan, includes approximately 260 acres zoned for industrial use, signifying a crucial step forward in the project’s development.

Chuck Thelen, Vice President of Gotion Inc. – North American Manufacturing, expressed his enthusiasm for the completion of the land acquisition process, stating, “This is a significant step forward for Gotion Inc. and the region as a whole.” While the land purchase includes 10 acres currently designated for residential or agricultural use, Thelen announced that the company aims to rezone this area for industrial purposes, emphasizing their commitment to working closely with the community and local partners throughout the process.

Green Township Supervisor Jim Chapman highlighted the economic opportunities that the project brings to the rural community. He clarified that the land designated for agriculture is not favorable for farming due to poor soil quality, making the battery plant an appealing alternative. However, some locals have expressed concerns about the project’s potential environmental impact and Gotion Inc.’s ties to the Chinese government.

To address these concerns, Gotion Inc. has listened to the community’s feedback and refrained from purchasing large parcels of land zoned for agriculture at this time. Chapman affirmed that the township remains open to considering future requests from Gotion for nearby properties.

The recent land acquisition also involved the purchase of nearby homes near the proposed factory site, further solidifying Gotion’s commitment to the project. This development comes after the Michigan Strategic Fund board approved the removal of certain parcels in Big Rapids Charter Township from the project, streamlining Gotion’s focus on the original 500 acres slated for the battery plant in Green Township.

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With the approval of a one-year extension for the project completion date, now expected in December 2031, Gotion Inc. is one step closer to investing $2.36 billion into Mecosta County’s economy. This investment is projected to create over 2,300 well-paying jobs, benefiting communities throughout the region.

As Gotion forges ahead with its ambitious plans, the company will initiate Phase 2 environmental site assessments and undergo a thorough review by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. Concurrently, Gotion is meticulously refining the overall site plan for the battery plant.

Gotion’s expansion into Michigan signifies a significant stride towards establishing a prominent presence in the electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry. This venture promises not only economic growth but also a greener and more sustainable future powered by innovative battery technology.

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