Heart Leaf Tree

Trees with heart-shaped leaves bring a touch of enchantment to any garden. Their leaves, reminiscent of the universal symbol of love, create a romantic and captivating atmosphere. If you’re looking to add a unique and whimsical element to your outdoor space, consider these remarkable trees that feature heart-shaped foliage.

Silver Linden

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves
Image Source: powo.science

The Silver Linden, scientifically known as Tilia tomentosa, is an imposing tree that can reach heights of 50-70 feet. Native to Europe, Asia, and Turkey, this tree thrives best in USDA Zones 4-7. Its large heart-shaped leaves add a touch of elegance to any landscape.

Hearts Of Gold Redbud Tree

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 2
Image Source: ruxley_nursery

The Hearts Of Gold Redbud Tree, also known as Cercis canadensis, features leaves that transition from emerald green to golden-green and gold throughout the year. This captivating tree adds a vibrant splash of color to your garden.

Northern Catalpa

Image Source: mckaynursery
Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 3
Image Source: shutterstock/xlibes

The Northern Catalpa, scientifically known as Catalpa speciosa, belongs to the Bignonia or Catalpa family. This deciduous tree produces fragrant white flowers and eye-catching heart-shaped leaves, adding beauty and charm to any landscape.

Western Redbud

Image Source: plantmaster
Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 4
Image Source: .flickr.com/

The Western Redbud, scientifically known as Cercis occidentalis, is a versatile tree that thrives in various growing conditions. Its heart-shaped leaves and abundant pink-purple flowers make it a stunning addition to any garden.

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Quaking Aspen Tree

Image Source: bomengids
Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 5
Image Source: Populus tremuloides

The Quaking Aspen Tree, scientifically known as Populus tremuloides, captivates with its unique pale bark adorned with dark markings. Its heart-shaped leaves transform into a stunning golden yellow during the fall season.

Eastern Redbud

Image Source: botanichka
Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 6
Image Source: allotmentdoctor/

Similar to its Western counterpart, the Eastern Redbud, also known as Cercis canadensis, displays heart-shaped leaves and produces a profusion of pink-purple flowers during the summer months, creating a captivating display of color.

Foxglove Tree

Image Source: powerlonia
Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 7
Image Source: joly_observations

The Foxglove Tree, scientifically known as Paulownia tomentosa, is also referred to as the Empress Tree. This stunning tree boasts heart-shaped leaves that change color throughout the year, offering a delightful visual treat for your garden.

American Lime

Image Source: edenhallfarm

The American Lime, scientifically known as Tilia americana, is a magnificent tree with a towering presence. Its heart-shaped leaves and the ability to attract bees and birds make it a favorite among nature enthusiasts.

Yellow Catalpa

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 8
Image Source: frustratedgardener.com/

The Yellow Catalpa, scientifically known as Catalpa ovata, is a deciduous tree that reaches heights of 40-50 feet. With its wide crown and spreading branches, it adds a touch of beauty to any landscape.

Henry’s Lime

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 9
Image Source: vdberk

Image Source: kirkham_tony/

Henry’s Lime, scientifically known as Tilia henryana, is a slow-growing tree that boasts heart-shaped foliage and beautiful yellow flowers. It can reach heights of 70-80 feet and adapts well to various soil types.

Caucasian Lime

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 10
Image Source: plants.ces

The Caucasian Lime, a hybrid between Cordata and Tilia dasystyla, features heart-shaped leaves and splendid yellow flowers. This tree is a true gem that adds a touch of elegance to any garden.

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White Mulberry

White Mulberry, scientifically known as Morus alba, is native to China and India. Thriving in USDA Zones 5-10, this tree is known for its resilience against droughts and its heart-shaped leaves.

Handkerchief Tree

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 11
Image Source: parcopallavicino/

The Handkerchief Tree, scientifically known as Davidia involucrata, is also referred to as the Ghost or Dove Tree. Its heart-shaped leaves and distinctive handkerchief-like blooms make it a truly remarkable addition to any garden.

Italian Alder

Image Source: vdberk

The Italian Alder, scientifically known as Alnus cordata, is a majestic tree native to southern Italy. With its large cordate heart-shaped leaves and striking red blooms, it adds a touch of grandeur to any landscape.

Sacred Fig

Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves 12
Image Source: jeronimo_ficus

The Sacred Fig, scientifically known as Ficus religiosa, is a robust specimen native to India. Its heart-shaped leaves feature a prominent leaf trail, adding a unique allure to any garden. This tree flourishes in warm and humid regions.

These trees with heart-shaped leaves captivate with their beauty and are sure to evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment in any garden. Adding a touch of romance and whimsy, they bring a unique and captivating element to your outdoor space. To explore more about these remarkable trees and indulge in a world of heart-shaped foliage, visit the Ames Farm Center.