Discover the Beauty of Heart-Shaped Leaf Houseplants

Plants with heart-shaped leaves are not only delightful for spreading the love, but they also make stunning additions as potted houseplants or in garden borders. If you’re in search of beautiful foliage, this guide is perfect for you. We’ll explore 25 plants, each with unique leaves that will add a touch of romance to your home or garden.

Embrace the Romance of Heart-Shaped Hoya

hoyas with waxy leaves growing in small grey pots

The heart-shaped hoya, also known as Hoya kerrii, is an ideal Valentine’s day gift. Its waxy green leaves resemble hearts, making it a truly romantic plant. This houseplant, with its evergreen foliage, will bring love into your home all year round. Consider growing this hoya in your own house, propagating it, and giving new plants as gifts to your loved ones.

Experience the Charm of Dutchman’s Pipe

Aristolochia macrophylla with heart-shaped leaves growing from round brown wooden stems in front of a blurred green background

Aristolochia macrophylla, also known as Dutchman’s pipe, is an extraordinary plant with heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 30cm long. This hardy climber adds a touch of uniqueness to any garden. It is recommended to grow Dutchman’s pipe against a wall or trellis, allowing it to attach and climb freely.

Delight in the Beauty of Heart-Leaved Philodendron

heart-leaved philodendron plant with yellow and orange flowers growing indoors in front of a window

The heart-leaf philodendron, scientifically known as Philodendron scandens, is a popular houseplant. Its evergreen shrub can reach a height of up to 4m. The large heart-shaped leaves, predominantly green but sometimes variegated or spotted with white and yellow, make it an attractive choice. Philodendrons are low-maintenance plants that only require watering when the soil is completely dry.

Marvel at the Foxglove Tree

a hand holding the dark green leaf of a foxglove tree

The Foxglove Tree, scientifically known as Paulownia tomentosa, is a medium-sized tree that produces stunning tubular purple flowers in clusters during spring. This deciduous tree also boasts large heart-shaped leaves that cover the branches, remaining evergreen for most of the year. With regular pruning, it can easily be controlled in height, making it a rewarding addition to your garden.

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Experience the Enchantment of Creeping Oxalis

creeping oxalis with a singular yellow star-shaped flower

Creeping Oxalis, scientifically known as Oxalis corniculata, is a small perennial often used as a ground cover plant. It bears heart-shaped clover-like leaves and daisy-like yellow flowers that bloom from early spring. However, be aware that its spreading habit can turn it into an invasive weed if not regularly pruned.

Admire the Beauty of Paddy’s Pride


Paddy’s Pride, scientifically known as Hedera colchica ‘Sulphur Heart’, is a stunning evergreen shrub. Its heart-shaped leaves can grow up to 20cm long and feature striking yellow and green variegation. This climbing shrub is best grown against a trellis or wall, adding a touch of color to your garden, even in the depths of winter.

Discover the Allure of Nephthytis

potted Syngonium podophyllum plant with green leaves growing indoors

Nephthytis, scientifically known as Syngonium podophyllum, is a small shrub that produces large heart-shaped leaves. These leaves are primarily green, with a touch of silver. Resembling a philodendron, this plant is perfect for indoor conditions in the UK. It prefers a loam-based potting medium and a sheltered spot away from direct sunlight.

Delight in the Elegance of Betel Pepper

betel pepper plant with light green leaves growing from a pot

Betel Pepper, scientifically known as Piper betle, is a perennial that is commonly grown as a houseplant in the UK. Its heart-shaped, aromatic leaves add a touch of green warmth to indoor spaces. While betel pepper may be challenging to find, it is a relatively easy plant to grow and perfect for beginners interested in caring for houseplants.

Indulge in the Grace of Taro

taro plant with large green veined leaves

Taro, scientifically known as Colocasia esculenta, boasts some of the largest leaves on this list. This frost-tender evergreen bears heart-shaped leaves throughout the year. Taro is not only an ornamental plant but also offers an edible corm that can be used in various dishes. Additionally, it thrives indoors in dark and humid spaces, making it a unique addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Experience the Magic of Redbud ‘Hearts Of Gold’


Redbud ‘Hearts Of Gold’, scientifically known as Cercis canadensis ‘Hearts of Gold’, is a medium-sized tree that produces stunning golden-green heart-shaped leaves. While the leaves die back during colder months, this tree also offers pink flowering clusters with petal shapes resembling hearts. Plant this deciduous tree as a focal point in a large garden, and it will surely captivate attention.

Marvel at the Beauty of Morning Glory ‘Grandpa Ott’

purple flowering Ipomoea purpurea

Morning Glory ‘Grandpa Ott’, scientifically known as Ipomoea purpurea ‘Grandpa Otts’, is a frost-tender shrub that makes a fantastic climber. Its large heart-shaped green leaves, coupled with beautiful purple, blue, and pink funnel-shaped blooms, add a unique touch to your garden. Grow this deciduous climber against a trellis or wall for a delightful display during summer and autumn.

Be Enchanted by the Persian Cyclamen

cyclamen persicum plant with pink flowers and variegated leaves growing between two mossy rocks outside

Persian Cyclamen, scientifically known as Cyclamen persicum, is a frost-tender houseplant that produces pink and white flowers on upright stems during winter and spring. Its rounded green leaves are often variegated and can be tinged with silver. Unlike other deciduous houseplants, cyclamen loses its foliage during summer, only to reawaken in colder months, bringing color to your home when you need it most.

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Admire the Radiance of Golden Pothos

potted golden pathos plant with green and white variegation on its heart-shaped leaves

Golden Pothos, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, also referred to as Devil’s Ivy, is an evergreen houseplant with heart-shaped leaves in shades of cream, yellow, and green. This low-maintenance plant thrives in most UK homes, adding a touch of elegance to any space. Ensure you have time to prune and manage its growth, as golden pothos can grow up to 8m in height.

Discover the Splendor of Katsura Tree

katsura tree with red leaves growing from wooden branches outside

Katsura Tree, scientifically known as Cercidiphyllum japonicum, is a large tree that showcases heart-shaped leaves in shades of yellow, pink, and orange throughout the year. This low-maintenance tree thrives in acidic soil and adds an eye-catching element to gardens with ample space. Plant it in a sheltered position to appreciate its full beauty.

Marvel at the Beauty of Swiss Cheese Plant

swiss cheese plants with heart-formed leaves growing in front of a white wall

Swiss Cheese Plant, scientifically known as Monstera deliciosa, is a popular UK houseplant famous for its large, abnormally-shaped heart leaves that can grow up to a whopping 90cm long. This stunning evergreen shrub thrives in bright, airy rooms, adding a touch of unique greenery that captivates both you and your guests.

Discover the Beauty of Common Lime

a common lime tree with light green leaves growing outdoors

Common Lime, scientifically known as Tilia × europaea, is a summer-flowering tree that features green heart-shaped leaves turning yellow in the autumn. This beloved plant attracts pollinators and is an excellent choice for wildlife-friendly gardens. Ensure it receives several hours of sunlight a day for optimal growth.

Be Mesmerized by Siberian Bugloss ‘Jack Frost’

ground-covering variegated leaves from a brunnera macrophylla

Siberian Bugloss ‘Jack Frost’, scientifically known as Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’, is a foliage lover’s dream. It showcases stunning heart-shaped silver and green leaves that are truly a sight to behold. In spring, it also produces tiny blue daisy-like flowers on tall stems among the large leaves. Use Siberian Bugloss as a ground cover plant in shaded areas or grow it under larger plants for a striking display.

Explore the Magic of Heart Fern

Hemionitis arifolia fern with angular leaves in a heart shape growing in a rocky woodland area

Heart Fern, scientifically known as Hemionitis arifolia, is commonly grown as a houseplant. It produces slender leaves that add elegance to any indoor display. To ensure optimal growth, plant Heart Fern in a loam-based medium with an acidic pH and provide it with shelter from direct sunlight.

Marvel at the Splendor of Indian Bean Tree

Indian bean tree with thin green beans hanging from wooden stems

Indian Bean Tree, scientifically known as Catalpa bignonioides, is a large tree that can reach over 12m in height. Its heart-shaped leaves and thin, dangling fruit create an enchanting sight. While it requires ample space to grow, Indian Bean Tree is a delightful choice as a centerpiece in larger, stylized gardens.

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Experience the Elegance of Plantain Lily ‘Heartsong’

green and white variegated leaves from a hosta plant

Plantain Lily ‘Heartsong’, scientifically known as Hosta ‘Heartsong’, is a shade-loving perennial with stunning green heart-shaped leaves adorned with a white rim. This large-leaved plant thrives when planted beneath trees or larger shrubs that provide the necessary shade. In summer, it bears purple flowers, adding an additional element of beauty.

Be Captivated by Hearts-On-A-String

green and white hearts on a string plant with red stems growing outside

Hearts-On-A-String, scientifically known as Ceropegia woodii, is a hanging succulent with trailing stems that can grow as long as 1m. Its leaves come in purple, silver, and green hues and are shaped like hearts. This evergreen perennial is perfect for a hanging basket or placed on a high shelf, cascading downwards. Grow it in a sheltered spot away from direct sunlight.

Appreciate the Simplicity of Hedge Bindweed

hedge bindweed with trumpet-shaped flowers

Hedge Bindweed, scientifically known as Calystegia sepium, produces white trumpet-shaped flowers and twisting vines that can suffocate other plants. While it is not recommended to plant this weed in your garden, you can pot it individually or display it in a hanging basket near your home for a touch of elegance.

Admire the Beauty of Common Morning Glory

common morning glory plant with purple flowers growing against a wire trellis next to some conifers

Common Morning Glory, scientifically known as Ipomoea purpurea, showcases heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped purple flowers that bloom from summer to autumn. This frost-tender plant is often grown as an annual and adds a delightful touch to traditional cottage gardens when grown against a wall or trellis.

Marvel at the Splendor of Purple Bell Vine

purple flowering Rhodochiton atrosanguineus plant growing tall with leaves that are heart-shaped

Purple Bell Vine, scientifically known as Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, is a frost-tender climber that produces heart-shaped foliage from spring to autumn. This stunning vine, reaching a height of up to 2.5m, thrives in full sun and is relatively easy to care for. Grow it as an annual outdoors or as a perpetual houseplant, enjoying its purple tubular blooms year after year.

Be Captivated by the Flamingo Flower

a flamingo flower houseplant with glossy green leaves and red and yellow flowers in front of a wooden grey wall

Flamingo Flower, scientifically known as Anthurium andraeanum, is a beloved houseplant that features large glossy green leaves shaped like hearts all year round. Not only does it add beauty with its foliage, but it also produces red or yellow flowers that last throughout the seasons. This evergreen perennial brightens any room and spreads its love from spring to winter.


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Now that you’ve explored these enchanting heart-shaped leaf plants, it’s time to embrace their beauty and bring a touch of romance to your home or garden. Enjoy the elegance and allure of these remarkable plants and let them capture your heart with their unique foliage.