Heart-Shaped Leaves: Adding Romance to Your Home and Garden

Have you ever considered adding a touch of romance to your home or garden? Look no further than plants with heart-shaped leaves. Not only do these plants spread the love, but they also bring beauty and charm to any space. In this guide, we will explore twenty-five plants, each with unique heart-shaped foliage that will add a touch of romance to your surroundings.

The Heart-Shaped Hoya: A Gift of Love

hoyas with waxy leaves growing in small grey pots in rows

One plant that is aptly named after its heart-shaped leaves is the Hoya kerrii, popularly known as the Heart-Shaped Hoya. With its waxy green leaves, the Heart-Shaped Hoya is the perfect gift to express love on Valentine’s day. This unfussy houseplant, with evergreen foliage, fills your home with love throughout the year. Imagine propagating this plant and gifting the new plants to your loved ones!

Dutchman’s Pipe: An Unusual Marvel

Aristolochia macrophylla with heart-shaped leaves growing from round brown wooden stems in front of a blurred green background

If you’re looking to make a statement in your garden, consider the Aristolochia macrophylla, commonly known as the Dutchman’s Pipe. This hardy climber produces heart-shaped leaves up to 30cm long and mottled flowers during the summer. It is an unusual and eye-catching addition to any garden, especially when allowed to grow against a wall or trellis.

Heart-Leaved Philodendron: Elegant and Versatile

heart-leaved philodendron plant with yellow and orange flowers growing indoors in front of a window

The heart-leaf philodendron, scientifically known as Philodendron scandens, is a popular houseplant with large, heart-shaped leaves. These leaves are mainly green but can also have variegations or spots of white and yellow. With its evergreen foliage, the heart-leaf philodendron adds elegance and a touch of romance to any indoor space. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to care for!

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Discover More Heart-Shaped Beauties

This is just the beginning of our journey through the world of heart-shaped leaves. Stay tuned for the following plants:

  • Foxglove Tree: A majestic tree with heart-shaped leaves and tubular purple flowers.
  • Creeping Oxalis: A perennial ground cover plant with clover-like panicles resembling hearts.
  • Paddy’s Pride: An evergreen shrub with green and yellow variegated heart-shaped leaves.
  • Nephthytis: A small shrub with heart-shaped silver and green leaves, perfect for indoor display.
  • Betel Pepper: An aromatic, heart-shaped leafy perennial that thrives in bright indoor spaces.
  • Taro: A frost-tender evergreen with large, green veined heart-shaped leaves.
  • Redbud ‘Hearts Of Gold’: A redbud variety with golden-green heart-shaped leaves and pink flowering clusters.
  • Morning Glory ‘Grandpa Ott’: A climber with heart-shaped leaves and large funnel-shaped blooms in shades of purple, blue, and pink.
  • Persian Cyclamen: A frost-tender houseplant with pink and white flowers and variegated leaves.
  • Golden Pothos: An evergreen houseplant with variegated heart-shaped leaves in shades of cream, yellow, and green.
  • And many more!

Join us as we explore each of these unique plants with heart-shaped leaves. Get inspired to create your own romantic oasis at home or add a touch of charm to your garden. Stay tuned for the next installment of our heart-shaped journey!

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