4 Ways to Brew Loose Leaf Tea Without an Infuser


Have you ever wanted to try loose leaf tea but didn’t have the right equipment? Don’t worry! There are several creative ways to brew loose leaf tea without an infuser. In fact, some teas can be brewed directly in your favorite cup! Let’s explore four different methods to enjoy loose leaf tea, along with teas that can be brewed without an infuser.

1. Using a Coffee Filter or Paper Towel

If you don’t have a coffee filter, a paper towel can be a great alternative. Start by running hot water through the coffee filter to remove any paper-like tastes. Then, open the coffee filter along the rim of your mug. Add the desired amount of loose leaf tea into the filter and pour hot water in circular motions over the tea. The filter will hold the leaves while they brew. Once brewed, discard the filter and savor your cup of tea.

2. Using a Sieve

A sieve, typically used in the kitchen to separate dry ingredients, can also be used as an infuser substitute. Brew your tea in a separate glass or container with a spout or lip for better control. Once the tea has steeped, carefully pour it through the sieve, which will filter and catch the loose leaf tea. Alternatively, if your mug or container is large enough, place the sieve along the rim and steep the tea directly in your cup.

3. Using a Mason Jar

For this method, you’ll need a mason jar and heat-resistant oven mitts. After cleaning the mason jar, add loose leaf tea and hot water into the jar and steep for the required time. Place the lid on the jar, leaving it slightly loose for pouring. Use heat-resistant oven mitts to hold the jar as you carefully pour the tea into your cup of choice. Remember to be cautious as the jar may be hot.

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Mason Jar

4. Making an Aluminum Foil Infuser

Create a simple and effective infuser using aluminum foil. Cut a large piece of foil and fold it twice to form a square. Place your tea leaves in the center of the foil and twist it closed. With a toothpick, poke 8 to 10 holes in the foil ball to allow water to flow through. Carefully pour hot water over the aluminum foil infuser and let the tea steep. Remember to be cautious when removing the hot foil after steeping.

These methods offer perfect and easy ways to enjoy loose leaf tea without an infuser. However, there’s also the option to choose teas that can be brewed directly in your cup, eliminating the need for an infuser altogether.

Herbal teas like Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea) or Kuromamecha (Black Soybean Tea) are ideal for brewing directly in your cup. Experience the full taste of their nutty and toasty flavors without any brewing equipment. These teas can also serve as a light snack before or after brewing.


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