The Magic of Plant Watering Globes: Keeping Your Plants Happy and Hydrated

Have you ever wished you could have beautiful plants but hesitated due to your busy schedule? The constant worry of forgetting to water them can be a real deterrent. Well, worry no more! Enter the world of plant watering globes – a game-changer for plant enthusiasts like yourself.

Unleashing the Power of Plant Watering Globes

Plant watering globes are ingenious tools that ensure your potted plants receive the water they need, even when you’re away on vacation. They are a lifesaver for travelers and busy individuals who find it challenging to keep up with regular watering schedules. But don’t be fooled, these handy devices are not just for when you’re out of town. Many plant lovers use watering globes regularly to save time and maintain optimal hydration levels for specific plants.

What Exactly Are Plant Watering Globes?

Watering globes, also known as self-watering bulbs, aqua globes, or watering spikes, are small globes with thin necks or spikes that are inserted into the soil of your plants. Traditionally made from glass, these globes now come in a variety of materials, including plastic, polypropylene, and even blown glass in unique shapes and colors that can add a touch of style to your home decor.

self watering bulbs

Embracing the Magic: How to Properly Use a Plant Watering Globe

Using a plant watering globe is a breeze. Simply fill the globe with water, invert it, and gently insert the long neck into the soil. Initially, you may notice a small amount of water spilling out, but fear not. As the soil absorbs the water, it will create a barrier, preventing any further leakage. Voila! Your plant can now thrive without needing additional watering for 1-2 weeks, depending on various factors such as soil type, globe size, and the specific needs of your plants.

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how to use plant watering globes - at home

The Science Behind Self-Watering Bulbs

Ever wondered how these watering globes work their magic? It’s all about physics. The soil surrounding the neck of the globe acts as a gatekeeper, controlling the rate at which water leaves the globe. Simultaneously, the water within the globe blocks air from entering. This creates a delicate balance. As the soil dries, it allows air to enter, displacing a small amount of water in the process. This gradual release of water ensures a slow and steady supply to your beloved plants.

Debunking the Myth: Do Watering Globes Really Work?

Rest assured, watering globes have earned their reputation as reliable plant caretakers. Initially skeptical, I have become a wholehearted advocate after using them for over a year. I’ve left my plants in their care for extended periods, returning to find them flourishing. In fact, watering globes are more effective than plant humidifiers, which typically have limited run times. With watering globes, your plants receive just the right amount of water for their needs.

glass watering bulbs for plants

Why I Love Using Watering Globes

Watering globes have become an integral part of my plant care routine, and here’s why:

1. Simplicity at Its Best

Using watering globes is incredibly easy and quick. As a frequent traveler myself, I can attest to the convenience they offer. It takes mere seconds to fill a globe and insert it into a plant. Even if you have a jungle of 50 plants, setting them up before a trip won’t take long. Despite the plethora of watering systems available today, watering globes remain the most cost-effective and user-friendly option. You can find a set of 11 plastic watering globes on the market for just $15.

2. No More Heavy Lifting

Why bother moving your plants around to water them? Some larger plants can be cumbersome to relocate. With watering globes, you can keep your plants in place while providing them with the hydration they need. No need for electronic controls or complicated apps either. Watering bulbs utilize the power of physics to slowly release water, ensuring your plants’ well-being.

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plant watering globes - using it at my desk

Considering the Limitations: Disadvantages of Plant Watering Globes

While watering globes are a fantastic solution for most plant owners, it’s essential to be aware of their limitations:

Watering globes may last two weeks in some soil conditions but only a few days in others. Before embarking on a trip, test the watering globe on different types of soil to determine its longevity. Ideally, they should be refilled within two weeks, making them unsuitable for longer trips. Leaving your plants unattended for extended periods may result in unfortunate consequences.

Finding Compatibility: Plants Suitable for Watering Globes

Watering globes are ideal for indoor potted plants that require regular watering. However, some plants prefer drier conditions and do not thrive with constant moisture. To determine if a watering globe is suitable for your plant, use a plant moisture meter to monitor soil wetness and ensure it aligns with your plant’s needs. Additionally, keep in mind that watering globes are designed for medium to large plants and require deep pots for stability. Smaller planters may not accommodate the size and shape of the globes.

plant watering globes

Top Recommendations: Self-Watering Globes Worth Considering

To help you make an informed decision, here are five top-notch watering globes you might love:

1. Evelots Glass Watering Globes

These colorful blown glass globes not only keep your plants healthy but also add a delightful splash of color to your home. Each globe holds approximately 100 ml or 4 oz of water.

glass watering globes

2. Alotm PVC Watering Globes

Made of quality PVC material, these sturdy watering globes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their non-friable construction and excellent permeability make them a reliable choice.

plant watering globes - PVC watering globes

3. Terracotta Plant Watering Spikes

This highly effective system combines recycled wine bottles with beautiful terracotta watering spikes, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly watering solution for your indoor and outdoor plants.

terracotta watering spikes

4. KISEER Plastic Watering Bulbs

With their cute carrot shapes, these plastic watering bulbs add a touch of fun to your plant care routine. Made from strong and durable polypropylene, they are easy to refill without the need to remove them from the soil.

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carrot watering bulbs

5. E-KAY Bird Shapes Design Watering Bulbs

For those who appreciate aesthetic appeal, these hand-blown bird-shaped glass watering bulbs make perfect gifts for any plant lover. Handle them with care due to their delicate construction.

do watering bulbs work

Insider Tips for a Successful Watering Globe Experience

Here are some special tips to ensure your watering globe journey is everything you imagined:

  • If you’re new to watering globes, start with your beginner plants. These plants tend to be more resilient and forgiving.
  • Before leaving on a trip, test your watering globe multiple times to gauge its duration. A plant moisture meter will help you assess if your plants are receiving adequate water.
  • Water your plants thoroughly before inserting the watering globe. This helps prevent premature emptying and ensures your plants won’t go thirsty.
  • Occasionally, the neck of your watering globe may clog with soil. Use a narrow pipe cleaner or cotton bud to clean it effectively.
  • To avoid soil getting trapped inside the neck during insertion and reduce the risk of breakage, create a hole in the soil using a long, thin stick like a screwdriver before inserting the watering globe.
  • Some glass watering bulbs may develop mold over time. Clean them with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, shaking vigorously to create a scrubbing effect, and rinse them well.

How to Use Plant Watering Globes

In Conclusion: Let Your Plants Thrive with Watering Globes

In the world of plant care, watering globes are an invaluable tool for maintaining the health and vitality of your precious greens. While they may not be flawless, their affordability and effectiveness make them a smart investment for any plant lover. Watering globes keep your plants hydrated effortlessly, granting you the freedom to travel without worrying about neglecting your green companions. Have any questions about plant watering globes? Drop them in the comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to share my expertise!

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