The Enchanting Beauty of Hoya Bella

There’s a captivating gathering taking place, and you’re cordially invited. The host? Bella, the Hoya Bella. This delightful small-leaved Wax Vine emanates an enchanting emerald-green glow. And when it blooms, prepare to be overwhelmed by the aromatic scent emanating from its clusters of pink and white flowers. To encourage the Hoya Bella to blossom, bask it in at least six hours of gentle, indirect sunlight each day. For optimal growth, provide warm, humid conditions as Hoyas thrive in this environment, halting new growth when deprived of these conditions.

In favorable conditions of warm temperatures and abundant dappled light, Hoya Bella bursts forth with exquisite flowers. However, their blooming period is fleeting, adding a touch of anticipation to their fragrant offering. As long as you can provide medium to bright indirect light, caring for a Hoya Bella as an indoor plant is a breeze.


Hoya Bella prefers copious amounts of bright, indirect sunlight. While it can tolerate medium light, its growth becomes stunted and the leaves and flowers diminish in lower light conditions.


Allow the soil of your Hoya Bella to dry out between waterings. Ensure thorough soaking until the water freely flows through the drainage holes. Adjust the watering frequency according to the amount of light received. Be careful not to overwater. During colder months, reduce watering and only water the soil when it has been dry for a few days. Given that Hoya Bella has thinner leaves compared to other wax vines, pay close attention to the soil’s moisture levels, ensuring thorough watering when it becomes completely dry.

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Proper drainage is crucial for all Hoya varieties. Avoid planting them in dense soil mixtures that retain moisture. Universal potting soil is suitable for hoyas, but be mindful of its water retention properties, adjusting watering frequency accordingly to avoid root damage. Nutrient-rich, loose soils are ideal for Wax Vines.


Most hoyas thrive in warm environments ranging between 65-85℉. During colder months, keep them away from drafty windows and doorways.


Although hoyas can tolerate varying levels of humidity, they flourish when exposed to levels exceeding 50 percent. Enhance the humidity surrounding these tropical, hanging indoor vines by incorporating pebble trays filled with water, grouping plants together, or utilizing a cool-mist humidifier.


For optimal foliar growth, opt for a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content. As the plant approaches its blooming stage, switch to a higher phosphorus content fertilizer. During the summer, apply a complete liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion every two weeks. Alternatively, you can top-dress with worm castings or compost in the spring, which acts as a slow-release fertilizer. Only fertilize during the growing season (spring through summer).

Growth Rate

Once established, Hoya Bella boasts a medium-to-fast growth rate. From the formation of peduncles to flowering, it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for this plant to bloom. In some instances, gardeners have witnessed over 100 blossoms in a single flowering season. The vines of the Hoya Bella houseplant can grow up to two to three feet in length.

Pet Friend or Foe

The Hoya Bella vine is a friend to both cats and dogs, as it is non-toxic to pets.

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Pro Tips

  1. Hoyas thrive when their roots are slightly crowded, so don’t rush to repot them.
  2. If you desire tall, magnificent vines, train your hoyas to grow up a pole or other supports.
  3. Once you find the perfect spot for your hoya, avoid relocating it.
  4. With proper conditions and care, Hoya Bella will bloom during the summer, gracing you with its exquisite presence.

Hoya Bella

Come, join the hoya party, and embrace the captivating beauty of Hoya Bella. Its delicate leaves and aromatic blossoms will surely captivate your heart. With the right conditions and a little care, this enchanting plant will fill your space with natural beauty and joy. Shop Hoya Bella at Ames Farm Center and embark on a journey of botanical wonder.