A Guide to Different Types of Indoor Lily Plants

Indoor plants bring life and beauty to any space, and peace lilies are among the most popular choices. These elegant plants are not only visually appealing but also easy to care for and low maintenance. With their ability to thrive in low light and minimal watering needs, peace lilies are a perfect addition to any home or office.

Exploring the World of Peace Lily Varieties

Peace lilies, scientifically known as Spathiphyllum, come in a wide variety of types, each with its own unique characteristics. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of peace lilies and explore the different types available.

Leaves: A Key Identifying Feature

One distinguishing feature of peace lilies is their long, glossy, dark green leaves. The shape of the leaves can vary, with some varieties having oval leaves and others producing lance-shaped foliage. These leaves grow in a rosette-like formation, adding to the overall beauty of the plant.

Beautiful Spoon-Shaped Flowers

Peace lilies are known for their striking white flowers, which are arranged on tall, thin stems. The flowers themselves are spoon-shaped and delicately surrounded by a petal-like bract that adds to their charm. These flowers add a touch of elegance to any room or garden.

Sizes for Every Space

Peace lilies come in different sizes, making them suitable for various settings. While some varieties can reach heights of up to 183cm when planted outdoors, most indoor peace lilies grow to be about 30-60cm tall and wide. This versatility allows plant enthusiasts to find the perfect size for their specific needs.

Habitat and Care Requirements

Peace lilies are typically grown as indoor houseplants, but they can also thrive in tropical outdoor environments. They prefer warm, humid conditions and well-draining soil. While they can tolerate low light, indirect sunlight is ideal for their growth. Cold temperatures should be avoided, as peace lilies are sensitive to the cold. Finding the right balance of light and temperature is crucial for their well-being.

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A List of Peace Lily Varieties

Let’s explore some of the most popular peace lily varieties available:

  • Power Petite Peace Lily
  • Wallisii Peace Lily
  • Piccolino Peace Lily
  • Little Angel Peace Lily
  • Snowflower Peace Lily
  • Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily
  • Domino Peace Lily
  • Cupido Peace Lily
  • Sensation Peace Lily
  • Bongo Bongo Peace Lily
  • White Stripe Peace Lily
  • Picasso Peace Lily
  • Jetty Peace Lily
  • Allison Peace Lily

Small Peace Lily Varieties for Bold Statements

For those with limited space, small peace lilies are an excellent choice. These compact plants make a bold statement with their creamy white or pink flowers. Their glossy, deep green foliage provides a year-round evergreen look to your home. Here are a few noteworthy small peace lily varieties:

Power Petite Peace Lily

The Power Petite Peace Lily is a small and compact variety that stands out for its beautiful foliage and ease of care. It prefers moderate to indirect sunlight and thrives in warm and humid conditions. With dark green oval-shaped leaves growing in a dense clumping habit, this peace lily reaches a height of up to 30cm and spreads up to 25cm. It produces small white flowers that bloom year-round.

Wallisii Peace Lily

The Wallisii Peace Lily is a native flower of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its large white bloom with a yellow center gives off a sweet fragrance. This compact evergreen plant grows up to 40cm tall and spreads up to 45cm inches in width. It thrives in indirect sunlight and humid environments, making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Moist soil and warm temperatures are essential for its growth.

Piccolino Peace Lily

The Piccolino Peace Lily is a dwarf variety known for its dark green foliage and bright white blooms. Its lush leaves grow up to 20cm long and 10cm wide, while its petite flowers bloom year-round. This variety requires little maintenance, needing only occasional watering and light pruning.

Little Angel Peace Lily

The Little Angel Peace Lily is a compact variety known for its delicate and attractive appearance. It features variegated foliage with white and green leaves that grow up to 15cm long and 5cm wide. With petite white flowers blooming all year round, it thrives in warm and humid conditions.

Snowflower Peace Lily

The Snowflower Peace Lily is a low-maintenance plant that adds a touch of beauty to any space. Its glossy green leaves and white flowers bring elegance to indoor environments. This perennial plant grows up to 25cm tall and 12cm wide, tolerating indirect bright light and benefiting from its humidity-improving properties.

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Medium Peace Lily Plants for Elegant Spaces

Medium peace lily plants are popular due to their manageable size and graceful appearance. With heights of up to 90cm and spreads of up to 60cm, they are perfect for tabletops, shelves, and brightening corners of a room. Here are a few medium-sized peace lilies to consider:

Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily

The Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily is a hybrid variety known for its large white flowers and broad, glossy foliage. Native to Central and South America, this peace lily can grow up to 90cm tall and spreads up to 60cm wide. Its slow-growing habit and rich green leaves make it a stunning addition to any space.

Domino Peace Lily

The Domino Peace Lily stands out with its dark green leaves adorned with white speckles or spots. It can grow up to 90cm tall, with leaves spreading up to 60cm wide. This variety produces delicate white blooms shaped like pointed cones, adding to its allure.

Cupido Peace Lily

The Cupido Peace Lily is an eye-catching plant with glossy, dark green, lance-shaped leaves. Growing up to 60cm tall and wide, it bears pure white blooms throughout the year. With a wide range of lighting tolerance, it can thrive in almost any environment.

Large or Giant Peace Lily Varieties for Showstoppers

For those seeking a statement plant, large or giant peace lilies are an excellent choice. With heights ranging from 60cm to 120cm, these plants feature foliage that varies from rich green to grey-green. Their low maintenance requirements make them a popular choice. Here are a couple of notable large peace lily varieties:

Sensation Peace Lily

The Sensation Peace Lily is a spectacular variety that can grow up to an impressive 180cm tall. Its lush, dark green foliage is complemented by large, showy white flowers that can reach up to 38cm in length. This tropical plant thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, making it perfect for larger rooms and shaded patios.

Bongo Bongo Peace Lily

The Bongo Bongo Peace Lily is prized for its unique and exotic appearance. This large peace lily grows up to 120cm tall and has large dark green leaves with striking white veins. While its white blooms may be slightly smaller than those of other varieties, they are still stunning. The Bongo Bongo Peace Lily requires indirect bright light and consistent watering to thrive.

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Discovering Special Peace Lily Varieties

Aside from the well-known peace lily types, there are many other Spathiphyllum plants with unique and distinctive features. These cultivars offer diversity and interest to any plant collection. Here are a few noteworthy peace lily varieties:

White Stripe Peace Lily

The White Stripe Peace Lily stands out with its glossy green leaves featuring prominent white veins. It reaches a height of up to 60cm and spreads up to 60cm wide. Like other peace lilies, it thrives in moderate to bright, indirect light and humid conditions.

Picasso Peace Lily

The Picasso Peace Lily is known for its distinct foliage. Large green leaves with bold white stripes create a striking contrast and give this peace lily a unique appearance. It requires the same care as other peace lilies and produces beautiful white flowers.

Jetty Peace Lily

The Jetty Peace Lily boasts glossy, deep green leaves and elegant white bracts that can last for weeks. This low-maintenance plant only needs a small amount of water once a week and can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions. It is an excellent choice for darker rooms or sheltered patios.

Allison Peace Lily

The Allison Peace Lily is a hybrid variety with large, dark green leaves and elegant white bracts that bloom on tall, strong stems. Its long-lasting white flowers make it stand out among other peace lilies. Thriving in various lighting conditions, it requires moderate watering to stay healthy and vibrant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peace Lily Varieties

Which is the best indoor peace lily?

The best indoor peace lily depends on your specific needs and preferences. Popular choices include the Wallisii Peace Lily, Power Petite Peace Lily, and Mauna Loa Peace Lily.

What does variegated foliage mean?

Variegated foliage refers to peace lily leaves with more than one color or shade. The primary color is typically green, while the secondary color appears as stripes, spots, or patches on the leaves, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Peace Lilies: A Perfect Fit for Any Home

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to enjoy the beauty of peace lilies. With a little research and basic care, anyone can cultivate and appreciate these exquisite plants. However, if you need assistance in caring for your peace lily, consider reaching out to a professional gardening service for expert guidance. Create the perfect environment for your peace lily to flourish and thrive.

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