30 Creative Indoor Plant Decor Ideas to Showcase Your Houseplants

Houseplants are like a colorful assortment of M&M candies – once you start, you can’t stop! The desire to expand your plant collection inevitably leads to the search for innovative indoor plant decor ideas. To inspire you, we’ve scoured Instagram to uncover the most stunning and imaginative ways to display your beloved houseplants. Whether you’re seeking succulent planter ideas or a unique solution for rare plants, you’ll find the perfect inspiration here.

Houseplant Decor Solutions

We’ve organized these indoor plant decor ideas into different design solutions, ranging from simple stands to vertical wall-mounted gardens. Explore the 30 best ideas sourced from Instagram, and get ready to transform your space into a green oasis.

Elevated Plant Stands & Containers

For those with just one or two houseplants, we have the perfect solution – simple yet stylish plant stands and containers that seamlessly blend with your home’s decor. Take a normal houseplant, such as a Snake Plant, and elevate it with a chic plant stand. Alternatively, try using a basket to house your Fiddle Leaf Fig, giving it a unique touch. If you love the bathroom’s humid environment, consider an array of plain planters and baskets to create an interesting mix.

Creative Small Houseplant Containers

If you’re short on space or want a small display for your coffee table or counter, check out these inventive small container ideas. While terrariums are a popular choice, opt for plants that thrive in sand and low humidity for the best results. Alternatively, let your creativity shine by designing your own DIY planter using a plain white pot and a sharpie marker. Classic terrariums featuring cacti and succulents make an attractive addition to windowsills or coffee tables. Additionally, concrete planters offer a unified look when displaying multiple plants.

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Practical Hanging Houseplant Ideas

When floor or shelf space is limited, hanging houseplants provide practical and beautiful solutions. Hang your plants near windows to maximize light exposure, utilizing low-light plants such as Spider Plants. Create a stunning display by hanging a String of Pearls plant from a hoop, making it an eye-catching DIY planter project. Don’t forget to decorate your outdoor living spaces as well, using plants like orchids for a touch of elegance. Opt for unconventional hanging baskets like a glass dome planter, ensuring your plants stay out of reach from pets.

Wall Mounted Gardens

For those who prefer not to hang their plants or are running out of hanging space, consider mounting your houseplants on walls. This method offers the added benefit of keeping your plants away from pets and children. Combine plants with other decorative items on wall-mounted shelves, such as a hexagon shelf that doubles as an essential oil holder. Plant displays on either side of your bed create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wall-mounted plant displays!

Utilizing Plant Shelves

Expand upon the concept of wall-mounting by incorporating shelves to display your green companions. Notably, this prevents any mischievous pets from reaching them. Opt for multiple shelves, such as Pothos plants displayed across different levels. Make the most of your sunny window area by placing shelves across the window, providing your plants with ample light while casting a warm glow in your room. Create stunning focal points by combining a variety of plants and decor items on your plant shelves. If you’re hesitant to drill holes in your walls, consider a standalone plant stand.

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Unique Propagation Displays

If your love for houseplants knows no bounds, you’ve likely realized how expensive it can be to continuously add to your collection. Luckily, Mother Nature provides a cost-effective solution – propagation! Display your plant cuttings in various creative ways while they grow roots. Experiment with wooden test tube racks or wall-mounted test tubes, combining rustic wood with the natural beauty of plants. Alternatively, create an eclectic arrangement by using mason jars, test tubes, and other glass containers.

Quirky & Unique Houseplant Displays

Who said indoor plant decor has to be dull and boring? Inject personality into your plants with these quirky and unique planter ideas. Check out the funky pots from Headplanter for some artistic inspiration or create an original display by showcasing air plants in chess pieces. To add a touch of whimsy, attach googly eyes to your plant pots for a fun and playful twist.

Your Home, Your Plants

Hopefully, these 30 indoor plant decor ideas have sparked your creativity and given you inspiration for your own home. Remember to prioritize your plants’ needs, such as light, humidity, and space, as you experiment with these unique and captivating designs. There’s no wrong way to display your plants – simply have fun and let your imagination run wild!

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