Ironite Spreader Settings: Achieve a Lush Lawn with Ease!

Ironite Fertilizers are the secret to a vibrant, healthy lawn. To ensure perfect application, using a spreader is essential. However, adjusting the spreader can be a daunting task. But worry not, with our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to effortlessly fine-tune your spreader for optimal performance.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Different Spreaders

Let’s dive into the suggested settings for using Ironite fertilizer with various spreader brands. Remember to check the product label for any recommended spreader settings. The brand usually provides the best figures for spreaders on their packaging.

  • Scotts AccuGreen 1000: Set the dial to 9.
  • Scotts AccuGreen 2000: Stick with the setting of 9.
  • Scotts AccuGreen 3000: Optimal performance at setting 9.
  • Earthway Drop Spreaders: Adjust the dial to 13.
  • Precision Red Devil Drop Spreader: Leave the settings on 2.5 for desired results.
  • Scotts Speedy Green 1000: Set the dial to 11.5.
  • Scotts Speedy Green 2000: Tune your spreader to 11.5.
  • Scotts Speedy Green 3000: For this model, stick with setting 11.5.
  • Earthway Rotary Spreader: Adjust the spreader to 22 for best coverage.
  • Precision Red Devil Rotary Spreader: Leave the dial on 13.
  • Vigoro Rotary Spreader: Use setting 9 for applying Ironite.
  • John Deere Broadcast Spreaders: Set the dial to 4.5 for a rate of 5lbs/1000 sq ft.
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Ironite Spreader Settings for the Scotts AccuGreen 1000

If you own a Scotts AccuGreen Spreader 1000, you’re in luck! You can effortlessly apply Ironite fertilizer to your field. Simply set the dial to 9 and get started.

Ironite Spreader Settings for the Scotts AccuGreen 2000

The Scotts AccuGreen Spreader is a favorite among gardeners for spreading various materials, including fertilizers. When using Ironite, keep the setting at 9 for optimal results.

Ironite Spreader Settings for the AccuGreen 3000

Prefer using the AccuGreen 3000 for your spreading tasks? Adjust the dial to 9, head to your target area on the lawn, and effortlessly distribute the chemical across the space.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Earthway Drop Spreaders

You can also use Ironite fertilizer with Drop Spreaders. Before you begin, ensure the dial is set to 13 for ideal application.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Precision Red Devil Drop Spreader

For the Precision Red Devil Drop Spreader, leave the settings on 2.5 when applying Ironite. This trusty device guarantees the desired results on your lawn.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Scotts Speedy Green 1000

From the Scotts models, the Speedy Green 1000 is another excellent option for distributing Ironite. Set the dial to 11.5, and you’re ready to go!

Ironite Spreader Settings for Scotts Speedy Green 2000

As you adjust your Scotts Speedy Green spreader for Ironite, ensure the dial is tuned to 11.5. Apply the setting to your preferred spot on the lawn.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Scotts Speedy Green 3000

Similar to the other Speedy Green models, you can use the Speedy Green 3000 for Ironite application. Before you start, set the spreader to 11.5 for optimal results.

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Ironite Spreader Settings for Earthway Rotary Spreader

If you’re working with the Earthway Rotary Spreader, adjust the spreader to 22. Ensure proper coverage of the target area to promote a healthier lawn.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Precision Red Devil Rotary Spreader

The Precision Red Devil Rotary Spreader is a reliable tool for applying Ironite fertilizer. Set the dial to 13 before you start.

Ironite Spreader Settings for Vigoro Rotary Spreader

The Vigoro Rotary Spreader is another trusted option for applying various chemicals, including Ironite fertilizer. As you use both items, leave the spreader at setting 9.

Ironite Spreader Settings for John Deere Broadcast Spreaders

The John Deere Broadcast Spreader is a fantastic tool for spreading multiple materials. Set the dial to 4.5 to achieve a rate of 5lbs/1000 sq ft.

Can You Apply Too Much Ironite?

Applying excessive amounts of Ironite may not yield the desired results. It can change the color of your grass, negatively impacting the overall look of your lawn. To avoid this, ensure you add the ideal amount of Ironite and immediately water the area to prevent any unwanted color changes.

If you accidentally spill Ironite, it can also result in color changes on your grass. In such cases, promptly scrape off the chemical and flush the affected area with ample water.

How Do You Apply Ironite?

Applying Ironite to your lawn is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions provided on the packaging. If you need additional advice, reach out to the Ironite Customer Service, experts who can guide you further.

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Wrapping Up

With Ironite fertilizer, you can achieve a lush, healthy lawn. Remember to use the recommended settings for your specific spreader. By following the settings outlined in this article, you can expect outstanding results.

While using these settings, always be mindful of overdosing, as it can affect the appearance of your lawn. Should this happen, promptly water the area to mitigate any color changes.

For more Ironite spreading settings, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ironite customer service. Their trusted advisors will provide you with invaluable guidance to ensure your Ironite application is a success. Boost your lawn’s health today with Ironite and enjoy a vibrant outdoor space!

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