Plant A Tree with Ames Farm Center

Planting trees is not just about environmental conservation; it is a profound act that connects us to our roots and the land we inhabit. At Ames Farm Center, we offer a unique opportunity to plant trees and be a part of something greater. Join us in this meaningful endeavor to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our environment.

The Power of Planting

Planting trees has never been easier or more affordable. Our diverse range of tree options allows you to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you are looking to honor a loved one or simply make a positive impact, we have a tree planting package for you. Here is a breakdown of our offerings:

  • Individual Trees: For just $18, you can plant a single tree and make a significant difference.
  • Ring of Trees: Create a beautiful display with a ring of 3 trees for $54.
  • Circle of Trees: Enrich your surroundings with a circle of 5 trees at a cost of $90.
  • Orchard of Trees: Make a lasting impact with an orchard of 10 trees for $180. Plus, by signing up for our JNF E-Z Tree™ program, you can save up to 50% on your purchase.

A Growing Legacy

When you invest in tree planting with Ames Farm Center, you can rest assured knowing that your donation goes towards tangible action. Each year, we plant nearly 3 million trees, fostering growth and rejuvenation in our environment. Every tree purchased facilitates the creation of a certificate dedicated to a loved one or friend, commemorating your meaningful contribution.

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A Natural Home

While we cannot provide exact locations for individual trees due to the sheer number planted, rest assured that your trees are strategically placed in environments that foster their growth. Our selection of indigenous trees, including olive, palm, oak, Jerusalem pine, sycamore, and cypress, among others, ensures that we honor the natural heritage of the land.

Commemorate with Certificates

When you invest in our tree planting program, you receive a certificate of recognition for your contribution. These certificates are available in various options and price ranges, starting from $18 and going up to $5,000 or more. We handle each certificate with care and mail them out from our New York office within 1-2 business days after purchase. Expect to receive your certificate within 7-10 business days. For U.S. addresses, we offer a Federal Express option at an additional donation of $35.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Certificate Issues: If your friend did not receive their certificate, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to reissue it.
  • Duplicate Certificates: Can’t decide between keeping the original or gifting it? For an additional donation of $10, we can provide you with a duplicate copy.
  • Alternative Acknowledgements: If you prefer, you can make a donation to Jewish National Fund in honor or memory of someone, and we will send them an acknowledgment of your generosity.

The Legacy of Ames Farm Center

Ames Farm Center is a not-for-profit organization that strives to build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. Founded in 1901, we have a long-standing commitment to reestablishing a homeland for Jewish people worldwide. Through our various programs, including Forestry & Green Innovations, Water Solutions, Community Building, Zionist Education & Advocacy, Research & Development, Heritage Sites, and Disabilities and Special Needs, we aim to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Israel and beyond.

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The Journey Begins

Join us at Ames Farm Center in planting trees and leaving a lasting impact. By symbolically connecting ourselves to the land through these trees, we contribute to the preservation of our environment and the prosperity of future generations. To embark on this meaningful journey, visit Ames Farm Center and be a part of something greater. Together, we can create a greener and more vibrant tomorrow.