Kilohearts Phase Plant: A Paradigm Shift in Sound Design

Welcome to the world of Phase Plant, a groundbreaking modular synthesizer that unlocks endless possibilities in sound design. With Phase Plant, you can seamlessly combine various synthesis techniques to create unique and captivating sounds. From analog oscillators and samples to wavetables and granular engines, Phase Plant offers a diverse range of tools to bring your sonic visions to life.

User Interface: A Gateway to Creativity


At first glance, the Phase Plant user interface may seem overwhelming, but fear not! Let’s break it down into manageable sections.

  1. Top Bar: The top bar displays the patch information and provides access to the preset browser. Here, you can also undo and redo actions in Phase Plant.

  2. Macro Knobs: The eight large knobs under the patch name are macro knobs. They can be easily mapped to control various parameters, allowing for intuitive sound shaping.

  3. Generator Area: Located below the macro knobs, the generator area is where you create and shape your sound. Add different modules, such as oscillators and sound generators, to generate your desired sound.

  4. Snapin Lanes: To the right of the generator area, you’ll find the Snapin lanes. These lanes allow you to add effects to further process your sound. Each lane can hold multiple Snapins, giving you extensive creative control.

  5. Modulation Area: Along the bottom of the Phase Plant window, the modulation area enables you to modulate parameters using LFOs, envelopes, MIDI input, and more.

  6. On-Screen Keyboard: Clicking on the keyboard icon in the status bar reveals the on-screen keyboard. It allows you to play notes and shows which notes are being played through MIDI input.

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Generating and Modulating Sounds

The generator area serves as the core of sound generation in Phase Plant. It follows a modular approach, allowing you to gradually build your sound by adding individual modules. From analog oscillators to noise generators and granular engines, you have an array of modules at your disposal.

Generator Area

Each module in the generator section presents a visual representation of the output sound. These visualizations mirror the changes you make to the parameters or modulations, providing an intuitive understanding of your sound design.

To add a module, simply click on the dashed area at the bottom of the generator area. A popup menu will appear, allowing you to select the desired module. Modules can be moved and copied by dragging and dropping, providing flexibility in your sound creation process.

Phase Plant offers different types of generator modules, including analog oscillators, noise generators, granular engines, sample players, and wavetable oscillators. These modules offer a wide range of waveforms and features, enabling you to craft diverse and unique sounds.

Unleashing the Power of Audio Rate Modulation

Phase Plant’s audio rate modulation system allows you to create complex and dynamic sounds by modulating parameters at the sample rate. By hovering over a module, you can access the modulation mode and easily establish audio rate modulation connections.

Audio Rate Modulation

Various forms of audio rate modulation are available in Phase Plant, including classic FM, linear FM, ring modulation, and exponential FM. These modulation techniques open up a world of sonic possibilities and allow you to achieve intricate and expressive sound design.

Taking Sound Processing to the Next Level with Snapins


Phase Plant leverages the power of Snapins, a wide range of effects, to process and shape your sound further. Divided into three effect lanes, the Snapins can be routed to process audio in series or in parallel.

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The effect lanes offer individual controls for polyphonic processing, muting, soloing, gain adjustment, and mixing. Each lane can be tailored to achieve your desired sound, whether it’s subtle enhancements or radical transformations.

Unlocking the Potential of Unison

Voice Settings

Phase Plant features a comprehensive unison system that enriches your sound and adds depth. Unison mode can be applied to certain modules, such as analog oscillators, sample players, and wavetable oscillators, to create multiple voices.

With options like hard, smooth, synthetic, frequency stack, pitch stack, and chords, the unison system empowers you to craft expressive and layered sounds. You can control voice count, detuning, spread, and blending to achieve the desired sonic character.

Mastering Your Sound with Global Parameters

In Phase Plant, you have control over various global parameters that shape your overall sound.

Master Parameters

  • Glide: Enable glide to add smooth pitch transitions between notes.
  • Polyphony: Adjust the number of voices that can be active simultaneously.
  • Master Pitch: Control the overall pitch of all generator modules simultaneously.
  • Bend Range: Set the pitch bend range for the pitch wheel.
  • Master Gain: Adjust the volume of your sound.

Elevating Your Sound Design with Phase Plant

Phase Plant is a powerful tool that revolutionizes sound design. Its modular approach, versatile modules, audio rate modulation system, Snapin integration, unison capabilities, and global parameters empower you to explore new sonic territories.

Dive into Phase Plant and unleash your creativity. Craft captivating sounds that captivate your audience and define your unique musical style.

For more information about Phase Plant and to embark on your sound design journey, visit the Ames Farm Center.

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