Giant Hostas: Growing Tips and Top Varieties

Giant hostas

Hostas are a diverse family of plants, and some varieties can grow to astonishing sizes. Imagine having hostas that are bigger than you! In this article, we will explore the world of giant hostas, discussing top varieties and providing valuable tips on growing these magnificent plants.

Top 10 Giant Hosta Varieties

If you are looking for hostas that make a statement in your garden, consider these giant varieties:

  1. Empress Wu: With leaves up to 18″ long and 15″ wide, Empress Wu hostas can grow to an impressive 5′-6′ wide and 3′-4′ tall.

  2. Sum And Substance: These chartreuse hostas have curved leaves and can reach sizes of 4′-6′ wide and 2′-3′ tall.

  3. Gentle Giant: Known for its cupped leaves that point upward, Gentle Giant hostas can reach sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 3′-4′ tall.

  4. T-Rex: Similar to Empress Wu hostas, T-Rex hostas have veined, cupped leaves and can grow to sizes of 6′-7′ wide and 2′-3′ tall.

  5. Blue Angel: These hostas feature thick, blue-hued leaves and can reach sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 3′ tall.

  6. Hirao Majesty: With glossy, pointed leaves that point downwards, Hirao Majesty hostas can grow to 5′-6′ wide and 2′-3′ tall.

  7. Bigfoot: These hostas have blue-green leaves and are nicely dimpled. They can grow to sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 2′-3′ tall.

  8. Donahue Piecrust: Recognizable by their rippled leaf edges, Donahue Piecrust hostas can grow to sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 2′-3′ tall.

  9. Big Mama: These hostas have green-blue leaves with deep ribbing and can grow to sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 2′ tall.

  10. Jade Cascade: These hostas have glossy, arrow-shaped dark green leaves that point downward. They can reach sizes of 5′-6′ wide and 3′-4′ tall.

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Giant hosta

These are just a few examples of the remarkable variety of giant hostas available. Explore the world of hostas and find the perfect ones to create a stunning garden.

How to Grow Really Giant Hostas?

Growing giant hostas is surprisingly easy. By following a few additional steps, you can ensure your hostas reach their maximum potential:

  1. Water: Hostas thrive in damp soil, so provide at least one inch of water per week to promote rapid growth.

  2. Lighting: Different hostas prefer different lighting conditions. Dark green hostas, like Empress Wu and Gentle Giant, prefer a few hours of direct sunlight in the morning. Lighter-colored hostas, such as Sum and Substance, can handle up to six hours of direct sunlight.

  3. Don’t Divide: Avoid dividing your hostas if you want them to grow really big. Dividing can stunt their growth, so let them reach their full potential as one large plant.

  4. Enrich the Soil: Enhance the soil for your hostas by adding compost, mulch, Epsom salts, or other organic materials. This will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy, robust growth.

  5. Pest Control: Protect your hostas from pests like slugs, cutworms, and deer by adding a physical barrier and removing pests manually. Avoid using pesticides that may harm beneficial insects.

  6. Trim Dead Leaves: Regularly trim off dead leaves to prevent pests from infesting your hostas and to maintain their overall health.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the beauty and grandeur of truly giant hostas in your garden.

Signs of Sickness in Large Hostas

While hostas are generally resilient plants, they can experience issues that impact their health and growth. Here are a few signs of sickness to watch for:

  • Winter Dormancy: During the winter months, hosta leaves may curl up and turn yellow, which is a natural part of their dormancy period. Avoid pruning them until spring, as they will bounce back to life.

  • Scorching: Hostas can suffer from leaf scorch, which occurs when they do not receive enough water. To prevent scorching, ensure your hostas are planted in the right spot, receiving the appropriate amount of shade or sun based on their leaf color.

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Remember to provide the necessary care and attention to keep your giant hostas healthy and thriving.

Growing large hosta plants

Giant hostas make a striking addition to any garden. Their impressive sizes and unique foliage create a captivating display. Follow these tips and explore the many varieties available to create a stunning hosta garden that will leave everyone in awe.

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