LeafFilter Gutter Protection System Faces Class Action Suit Over Defect

LeafFilter North, LLC, the reputed largest gutter protection company in the country, is now at the center of a proposed class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that the company’s gutter protection system is marred by a defect that impairs its functionality during moderate or heavy rainfall.

The 36-page complaint claims that the system’s micromesh surgical steel covering prevents rainwater from passing through adequately. Instead, the water overflows, causing damage to homes, foundations, landscaping, and sidewalks. Moreover, the defect allows debris to accumulate on top of the system, necessitating consumers to manually clean it with the use of a ladder.

Surprisingly, LeafFilter North has never disclosed in its product advertising that the installation of their system reduces the amount of rainwater that can enter a home’s gutters. Additionally, the company falsely claims that their system “allows as much water as an open gutter.” According to the lawsuit, consumer complaints online indicate that the company should have been aware of this defect affecting the system’s rainwater management capabilities.

Proposed class members argue that they were deceived into purchasing the LeafFilter system. Allegedly, LeafFilter North has knowingly concealed this defect for years, despite the company’s fully transferrable, lifetime money-back warranty and no-clog guarantee. The lawsuit emphasizes that the company’s marketing consistently targets elderly individuals, who may struggle with physical tasks like cleaning gutters.

LeafFilter’s patented three-piece gutter protection system is advertised to effectively handle water while removing debris. The system consists of a micromesh surgical steel screen, a uPVC frame that is resistant to warping and deterioration, and structural hangers for secure attachment. However, the defect becomes apparent during moderate to heavy rains, as consumers are never informed that the system hampers the existing gutters’ ability to handle rainwater.

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If successful, the lawsuit aims to cover all consumers in the United States who purchased LeafFilter during the relevant period, as well as specific subclasses in Ohio and Illinois.




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