Leaf Collection: Keeping Your Neighborhood Clean and Beautiful

As the autumn season rolls in, the vibrant colors of falling leaves create a picturesque landscape. However, leaf collection becomes a necessity to keep our neighborhoods tidy and beautiful. South Windsor’s Leaf Collection program is here to assist you in this endeavor. With convenient collection schedules and helpful guidelines, maintaining a leaf-free environment becomes a breeze.

Leaf Collection Schedule and Updates

The anticipated start date for the 2023 Leaf Collection is Monday, October 30, 2023. However, please note that weather conditions or equipment issues may occasionally cause slight variations in the schedule. To stay up-to-date with the collection routes, check our website or call the Leaf Hotline at 860-648-6371. We do our best to communicate any changes in schedule through these channels.

Collection Guidelines: Do’s and Don’ts

To ensure an efficient leaf collection process, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do pile leaves on the snow shelf or on the edge of your property.
  • Do keep children and pets away from the collection equipment as it passes through your neighborhood.
  • Don’t include sticks, twigs, branches, or logs in your leaf piles.
  • Don’t pile leaves around or on top of utility boxes, mailbox posts, and telephone poles.
  • Don’t rake leaves into the street, as this is a violation of the South Windsor Code of Ordinances.

These guidelines help keep our crew safe and protect the equipment from damage, ensuring a smooth leaf collection process for everyone.

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Paper Bag Collection

For specific private areas such as Lakewood, Victorian Woods, Kebalo Lane, and the private roads off of Austin Circle, leaf bag collection is scheduled for November 13th and November 27th, 2023. Only paper bags are accepted during this collection. Remember to place your paper bags at the curb on Sunday evening in the mentioned locations to ensure timely pickup.

Convenient Leaf Disposal at Ames Farm Center

Residents with leaves to dispose of after the second pass can drop them off at the composting facility located at Ames Farm Center. This facility, open seven days a week between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, provides a convenient and environmentally-friendly solution for leaf disposal. Simply follow the signage directing you to the site and deposit your leaves in the designated area. Please note that only leaves are accepted—no grass clippings or brush.

Collection Districts

South Windsor’s Leaf Collection process includes different districts, each with its own collection schedule. Here is the order of collection for areas within each district:

District 1

  • Debbie Dr. area
  • Lawrence Rd. area
  • Trumbull/Partridge area
  • Concord/Carmen area
  • Benedict Dr.
  • Diane Dr. area
  • Pine Knob Dr. area
  • Woodland Dr. area
  • Main roads (Dart Hill, Avery, Kelly)

District 2

  • Perrin La./Rimfield Dr. area
  • Country View area
  • Cardinal Way/Ridge Rd.
  • Fairview Dr./Norton La. area
  • Orchard Hill Dr. area
  • Gray Rd. area
  • Birch Hill Dr. area
  • Tallwood Dr. area
  • Greenwood/Rainbow area
  • Ridgefield/Mohegan area
  • Imperial Dr. area
  • Kupchunos/Windy Hill area
  • Main roads (Beelzebub, Route 74, Dart Hill Rd., Foster St., Oakland Rd.)

District 3

  • Main St.
  • King St./N King St. area
  • Oxbow/Old Parish area
  • Gorski Dr./Ident Rd. area
  • Colony Rd. area
  • Hilton Dr. area
  • Woodside/Davewell/Parkview/Ordway area
  • Northview/Quarry Brook Dr. area
  • LeFoll Blvd./Murielle Dr. area
  • Main roads (Pleasant Valley, Ellington Rd., Clark St., Smith St., Chapel Rd., Long Hill Rd., Governor’s Hwy., Beldon Rd., Strong Rd., Foster Rd., West Rd., Route 194)
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District 4A

  • Lake St./Berle Rd. area
  • Abbe Rd. Ext./Windshire Dr. area
  • Woodpond Rd./Rockledge Dr. area
  • Old Farm Rd./Maskel Rd. area
  • Vintage La. area
  • Robert Dr. area
  • Hearthstone/Stonefield area
  • Chase Farm Rd.
  • Bourbon/Saginaw area
  • Bridlewood/Carriage/Lipman area
  • Andreis Trl.

District 4B

  • Scantic Meadow/Farnham area
  • Gordon/Wendy area
  • Alexander/Wentworth area
  • Farmstead/Greenfield area
  • Herman Way/Joseph area
  • Farmhill Rd.
  • Long Meadow Dr.
  • High St./Skyline Dr. area
  • Steep Rd./Hillside Dr. area
  • Morgan Farms Dr. area
  • Hillsdale/Mountain View area
  • Main roads (Graham Rd., Nevers Rd., Sand Hill Rd., Miller Rd., Abbe Rd., Foster St. Ext., Niederwerfer Rd., Griffin Rd., Brookfield St., Windsorville Rd., Rye St.)

Leaf Compost Bulk Rates

The Town of South Windsor offers the sale of bulk leaf compost, also known as leaf hummus, at the affordable rate of $7.50 per cubic yard. Bulk orders must be a minimum of 500 cubic yards and need to be placed at least 48 hours prior to pick up. Compost loading is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm at the compost site on Burgess Road. Please note that compost is unscreened and may contain unwanted contaminates, but it has been found to be natural and nutrient-rich—perfect for your gardening needs.

South Windsor’s Leaf Collection program aims to keep our neighborhoods clean and beautiful throughout the fall season. Follow the guidelines, stay updated with the collection schedule, and take advantage of the composting facility to make leaf disposal hassle-free. Let’s work together to maintain the charm of our communities!

For further information about South Windsor’s Leaf Collection program, visit the Ames Farm Center.

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