How to Create a Beautiful Maple Leaf Quilt Block

Ah, the Maple Leaf Quilt Block! It’s a timeless design that perfectly captures the essence of fall. This classic block has been around since the late 1800s, and it never fails to impress with its stunning simplicity.

Typically, the Maple Leaf Quilt Block is made with two contrasting colors. It consists of one light square, three dark squares, and four half-square triangles. The stem of the leaf is created by diagonally placing a strip of the dark fabric within a light square. The overall effect is a gorgeous representation of the iconic maple leaf.

How to Make a Maple Leaf Quilt Block

Embrace the Colors of Autumn

While the Maple Leaf design looks beautiful in any seasonal color palette, it’s particularly captivating when done in autumn reds, oranges, and browns. You can choose to join the pieced blocks with plain blocks or incorporate sashing to create an exquisite quilt top that will warm your heart.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Orange Fabric
  • White Fabric

Essential Supplies

  • Sewing Machine
  • Quarter Inch Foot for your sewing machine
  • Aurifil 50 wt. Cotton Thread
  • Sewing Pins
  • Water Erasable Pen
  • Rotary Cutter with a sharp blade
  • Acrylic Ruler
  • Square Acrylic Ruler
  • Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat
  • Iron & Ironing Board

Step 1: Download the FREE PDF

To get started, download the FREE Maple Leaf Block Assembly Diagram in PDF format. This diagram provides detailed instructions on how to assemble the block and will be an invaluable resource as you work on your quilt.

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Maple Leaf PDF

Step 2: Making the Half-Square Triangles (HSTs)

Here’s what you’ll need for this step:

  • White Fabric

    • (1) 4.5″ x 4.5″ square
    • (3) 5″ x 5″ squares
  • Orange Fabric

    • (3) 4.5″ x 4.5″ squares
    • (2) 5″ x 5″ squares
    • (1) 1.5″ x 7″ rectangle

The finished block size will be 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″.

  1. Take one 5″ x 5″ White square and one 5″ x 5″ Orange square. Place them right sides together and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner using a water-erasable pen or pencil. Mark an outside line, a quarter inch on each side of the diagonal line. These lines will serve as your sewing lines. Sew along the outside lines. Repeat this step for the remaining White and Orange squares.

Preparing Half-Square Triangles

  1. Cut the square units in half along the marked line.

  2. Press the seams to one side (the dark side).

  3. The block may end up slightly oversized, so you’ll need to trim it down to a precise 4.5 inches square.

  4. Remove any remaining markings that are visible.

Finished Half-Square Triangles

Step 3: Making the Stem Block

For this step, you’ll need the remaining 5″ White square and the Orange 1.5″ x 7″ rectangle.

  1. Cut the remaining 5″ White square in half diagonally.

  2. Place the Orange 1.5″ x 7″ rectangle against the raw edge of one of the triangles and sew a quarter inch away from the raw edge. Press open the seam to the dark side.

Making the Stem Block

  1. Repeat the above step with the remaining triangle and again press the seam to the dark side.

  2. Center the “stem” along the 45-degree angle on your acrylic ruler and trim this block to a precise 4.5″ square.

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Finished Stem Block

Step 4: Block Assembly

Now that you’ve completed the individual components, it’s time to assemble the block.

  1. Refer to the Free Assembly Diagram and arrange your blocks in the correct layout.

  2. Use a quarter inch seam allowance to sew each row together, and then sew the rows together. Pay attention to nesting your seams and pressing them in opposite directions.

  3. Join all the rows using a quarter inch seam allowance. Take the time to nest your seams properly. Once the block is complete, trim it down to a precise 12.5″ square, if necessary.

That’s all there is to it! Creating the Maple Leaf Quilt Block is as easy as pie.

How to Make a Maple Leaf Quilt Block - finished block

Here’s a Quick Project You Can Make!

If you’re looking for a quick project, why not make a fall-themed table runner? Just create four Maple Leaf blocks and connect them with 2.5″ sashing. Then, surround the quilt with another layer of 2.5″ sashing. Voila! You have a delightful fall table runner that you can use year after year.

Maple Leaf Table Runner example

Don’t you just love this block? It’s like a warm embrace from a cozy sweater, and it’s bound to make you crave a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The possibilities are endless with this simple quilt block. You can make several more for an entire quilt or just a couple more for a seasonal table runner. The Maple Leaf Quilt Block is a fun and versatile design that you’ll enjoy creating again and again.

So, gather your materials, fire up your sewing machine, and let your creativity run wild. Happy Quilting!

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