Enhance Your Plant’s Health and Color with Nature’s Lawn & Garden Micronutrients!

Plants need more than just the basic NPK nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) to thrive in a healthy state. While soils may show satisfactory levels of micronutrients, issues like irregular pH levels or soil compaction can make these essential elements less available to plant roots. That’s where Micronutrients come into play!

Micronutrients are a revolutionary plant health and color booster designed to combat and prevent micronutrient deficiencies. Whether you’re observing yellowing leaves or conducting leaf analysis or soil testing, Micronutrients can provide the necessary supplementation. This specially formulated foliar spray ensures that your plants receive the vital micronutrients they need for optimal growth.

Unlike other products, Micronutrients is composed of 100% water-soluble and sugar-chelated ingredients, guaranteeing immediate availability to your plants. We take pride in avoiding the use of EDTA chelates, ensuring a natural and effective solution for your gardening needs.

Unlocking the Power of Each Nutrient

Let’s explore the role of each essential micronutrient in promoting a lush and vibrant garden:

  • Iron (Fe): Essential for chlorophyll synthesis, iron gives plants their characteristic green color. It also aids in protein synthesis, photosynthesis, and overall metabolic functions.

  • Zinc (Zn): Zinc acts as a metabolic catalyst, accelerating the plant’s metabolic rate. Inadequate zinc levels can impair cell functions and lead to various issues such as poor food utilization, low protein production, skin problems, and even birth defects.

  • Manganese (MN): Found in enzymes, manganese is crucial for photosynthesis and metabolic functions within the plant.

  • Magnesium (Mg): Recognized as an available micronutrient for plants, magnesium contributes to plant health. However, it’s important to maintain a soil pH above 4.5 to prevent toxicity.

  • Boron (B): Playing a vital role in the plant’s metabolic functions and cell division, boron is an essential micronutrient to ensure optimal growth.

  • Molybdenum (Mo): Like the other micronutrients, molybdenum is integral to the makeup of enzymes and aids in metabolic functions. It also supports nitrogen-fixing bacteria, promoting a healthy nitrogen cycle.

  • Sulfur (S): Involved in the composition of enzymes and proteins, sulfur significantly contributes to the metabolic functions of the plant.

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Boost your plants’ vitality and witness the incredible transformation that Nature’s Lawn & Garden Micronutrients can achieve. Your indoor and outdoor gardens, as well as houseplants, deserve the best care possible. Try this concentrated plant food today and experience the remarkable results firsthand.

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