The Ultimate Guide to a Portable Gold Wash Plant

Are you in search of a compact and efficient solution for processing gold? Look no further, as we introduce the revolutionary Mini Gold Wash Plant. Designed to simplify the gold recovery process, this portable one-man operation equipment is a game-changer in the mining industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features and benefits of the Mini Gold Wash Plant and provide you with everything you need to know to get started on your gold recovery journey.


The Mini Gold Wash Plant is equipped with a range of cutting-edge components that work seamlessly together to ensure optimal gold recovery. Let’s take a closer look at the equipment list:

fine gold processing plant equipment 1 centrifuge

fine gold processing plant equipment 2 pump

fine gold processing plant equipment -3 grizzly screen

The Mini Gold Wash Plant comes with additional components that enhance its efficiency:

  • Fine gold recovery pump
  • Fine gold recovery screen
  • Fine gold recovery water supplier equipment

The unique iPump, designed by professional engineers, is a slurry pump that simplifies the movement of feed and tails over long distances or uphill. With its durable Ni-Hard-4 impeller, the iPump ensures reliability and long life. It also features a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that allows easy flow rate adjustment and connection to a standard single-phase electric generator.

The iScreen is equipped with a 2mm screen, perfectly matching the concentrator’s maximum feed size. It classifies your material into two size fractions, ‘2mm plus’ and ‘2mm minus,’ using a high-quality Italvibras motor and a VFD for vibration frequency adjustment.

To capture any oversize material, the Mini Gold Wash Plant includes a mini Grizzly and nugget trap, ensuring that you collect the maximum size range of gold, from fine particles caught in the concentrator to nuggets caught in the grizzly.

The control station, featuring a water manifold, organizes your water lines and electrical wiring. Connect your clean water source to the manifold, and it will distribute the water to various functions in the Mini Gold Wash Plant. This control station also includes a VFD mount for easy installation and adjustment.

All components in this Gold Processing Plant are designed to be transportable and matched in capacity, making them ideal for field operations. Each item comes with its own VFD, providing easy adjustment to suit your specific needs. The components are compatible with a standard 220 Volt, 1-phase gasoline-powered generator.

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gold processing plants
Views 1 & 2 showcasing the standard configuration of the IGR 100 iCon Gold Process Plant

The IRG 100 Small-Scale Gold Wash Plant Arrives on 4 Pallets:

The compact nature of the Mini Gold Wash Plant is evident in its packaging. Delivered on four pallets, the following items are included:

  • i150 Concentrator and VFD
  • iPump 1.0 with VFD
  • iScreen 12 Inch x 24 Inch with VFD
  • Installation Kit

HS Code: 8474.90
Package details:

  • 1 crate @ 204 kg 64 x 76 x 145 cm
  • 1 crate @ 155 kg 64 x 64 x 100 cm
  • 1 crate @ 200 kg 115 x 99 x 113 cm


The heart of this small gold processing plant is the iCon i150 Concentrator, renowned for its exceptional performance in gold recovery. Alongside the concentrator, the Falcon Concentrator fine gold recovery equipment ensures high efficiency and maximum gold capture.

falcon concentrator fine gold recovery equipment
fine gold recovery equipment (1)

Water & Plumbing Connections:

A well-designed water distribution manifold is an integral part of the Gold Processing Plant control station. Here’s what you need to know about water and plumbing connections:

  • The clean water connection is the large barb on the left-hand side of the manifold. Connect it to a pump capable of supplying clean process water at a rate of approximately 15 L/min and slurry water at a rate of approximately 77 L/min.
  • Use the supplied large-diameter hose (¾”) to connect the manifold’s large valve to the concentrator’s brass barb. The supply valve on the manifold should remain fully open during operation.
  • For the screen, connect two valves to the matched size barbs using the supplied small-diameter hose (½”). These valves regulate the water to the screen’s spray bars. Open them sufficiently to ensure the spray fans across the screen’s full width.
  • The distribution manifold includes an additional valve that can be used for other accessories if needed.

Small-Scale Gold Wash Plant Electrical Connections:

By following these electrical connections, you can ensure seamless operation of the Mini Gold Wash Plant:

  • The iCON components use 3-phase 220 volts, but you only need to supply 1-phase 220 volts. The provided VFDs clean and regulate the power, control the frequency, and convert 1-phase voltage to 3-phase.
  • The motor connections require four conductors: three lines and a ground.
  • From the customer’s power source or generator, supply lines to the distribution box and from the distribution box to the VFDs need only three conductors: two lines and a ground.
  • Mount the VFDs on the stand using the supplied nuts and bolts.
  • Connect three lengths of the supplied 3-conductor wire from the distribution box to each VFD. The lengths should be approximately 1.5 to 3 feet. Use the remaining 3-conductor wire to connect the user’s power supply to the distribution box.
  • Inside the distribution box, join the four green wires together using wire nuts or electrical tape. These green wires can be attached to the steel frame if desired. Join each of the other matching colors together using either wire nuts or electrical tape.
  • Inside each VFD, join the three-conductor supply wires. Take care to ensure that no wires accidentally touch one another. Attach the green wires to the ground prong, just like the existing green wire.
  • Connect Line 1 and Line 2 to the supply leads as described in Figure, page 14 of the VFD manual.
  • Test each item connected directly to the VFD before using the plugs/sockets to minimize any potential errors.
  • After confirming functionality without the electrical plugs, install them as instructed on the plastic packaging. Ensure that the green/ground wires are correctly connected from the plug to the socket, as the terminals are colored green. The arrangement of the other three wires can be customized by the user. If the equipment rotates in the wrong direction, simply swap any two of the three wires.
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portable gold processing plant

Gold Process Plant Feed Pump:

To ensure smooth operation of the pump, follow these steps:

  1. Press the green start button on the pump and set the hertz to 10 using the arrow buttons. As you look down on the pump, it should rotate clockwise, directing the slurry towards the pump outlet. If the rotation is incorrect, simply swap the connection for any two of the three wires between the VFD and the pump motor. The pump is limited to a maximum of 70 hertz, so avoid operating it without water for extended periods.

  2. Test the functionality of the Gold Processing concentrator by pressing the green button and setting the rotation to 10 hertz using the arrow buttons. The direction of rotation is not important. The pump is factory-limited to 50 hertz, so operate it only for the required time to verify functionality without water supplied to the fluid coupling. Initially, the concentrator may squeak and emit a slight odor due to the break-in phase, but this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Fine Vibrating Screen:

To optimize the performance of the Gold Processing screen, follow these guidelines:

  1. Press the green button on the VFD to start the vibration of the Gold Processing screen.

  2. Use the arrow buttons to increase the vibration to its maximum level.

  3. Test a small amount of sand on the screen. If the wet material appears to bounce downhill, swap the rotation of the motor by interchanging any two of the three wires between the VFD and the screen.

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Typical Plant Equipment Orientation:

For optimal performance, arrange your Gold Processing Plant equipment as follows:

Gold Concentrate Cleaning Table

  • The screen is designed to classify material into two size fractions. Sand finer than 2mm passes through the screen and pumps to the concentrator. Ensure that the screen’s outlet feeds into the pump. If needed, adjust the vertical height using shipping pallets.

  • The sluice connects to the concentrator’s tails outlet and is not designed to capture fine gold. It utilizes the volume of water from the concentrator tails to transport material over the riffles.

  • Position the finger grizzly above the sluice to filter out any oversize material. Any material finer than 6mm that passes through the grizzly will fall into the sluice as a nugget trap. Material larger than 6mm, passing over the grizzly, will be rejected by the system.

The Mini Gold Wash Plant’s two-class system, comprising the Concentrator and Nugget trap, ensures exceptional recovery of alluvial gold and other precious metals.

The i150 component of the Mini Gold Wash Plant features an Invertek VFD, which operates on single-phase 220/1/50-60Hz input and provides 230/3/60Hz 3-phase output. The motor, a 3-phase 208-230/3/60Hz unit, connects to the VFD output via the pre-wired yellow cable. Therefore, you only need to wire single-phase power from the supply to the VFD.

recover gold without mercury

With the Mini Gold Wash Plant, you can achieve efficient and eco-friendly gold recovery without the use of mercury. This portable and compact solution is designed to maximize your gold recovery while minimizing your environmental footprint.

To learn more or purchase the Mini Gold Wash Plant, please visit Ames Farm Center.

Remember, with the Mini Gold Wash Plant, your gold recovery adventures are about to reach new heights!