Monkey-Faced Orchid: A Fascinating Floral Delight

Have you ever encountered a plant that can mesmerize you like no other? Prepare to be amazed by the captivating monkey-faced orchid. These rare botanical wonders are renowned for their unique appearance, resembling the face of an adorable monkey. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of these extraordinary flowers and reveal fascinating insights about their existence and characteristics.

A Remarkable Reality: Monkey-Faced Orchids Do Exist!

Contrary to what may seem like a tale from a botanical fantasy, monkey-faced orchids are not a figment of imagination. These enchanting flowers are found in the tropical highland forests of Ecuador and Peru. Consider yourself lucky if you ever come across one, as the sight of a lifelike monkey face nestled in the center of a delicate blossom is a truly extraordinary encounter.

Monkey faced orchids Dracula simia
Photo: New Under The Sun Blog

An Explosion of Monkey Love in Floral Form

Within the extensive family of dracula orchids, which comprises 120 different species primarily found in Ecuador and Peru, the Dracula Simia stands out as one of the most popular. The name “dracula” refers to “little dragon,” while “simia” alludes to a monkey’s face. Just imagine being greeted by a captivating orchid with a center-filled monkey face every single day. Truly a sight to behold!

Close up of Dracula simia monkey face orchid
Photo: Ecuagenera

Characteristics That Steal Hearts

The endearing charm of the monkey-faced orchid lies in its elongated face, composed of numerous slender petals that effortlessly capture your affection.

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Incredible monkey-faced orchids found in highland forests of Ecuador and Peru
Photo: Indoor Home Garden

While the flower’s central resemblance to our primate relatives is apparent, it is predominantly due to the two elongated sepals at the base of the petals, which enclose the flower bud during its growth. The result is a captivating monkey-like face emerging from the heart of the blossom.

A Fragrance That Charms the Senses

The allure of the monkey orchid extends beyond its name and appearance. This particular species emits a delightful fragrance akin to ripe oranges as it blooms. The best part? These flowers can grace us with their aromatic presence at any time of the year, regardless of the season.

Monkey faced orchids have a pleasant ripe orange smell
Photo: Andy’s Orchids

Thriving Habitat and Care Tips

To ensure the continued happiness of these adorable flowers, it is essential to create an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Monkey-faced orchids thrive in cool spaces with partial shade. They require careful attention and nurturing for prolonged periods of time. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to embrace the beauty of these remarkable blooms:


Plant your monkey-faced orchids in a cool, slightly damp, shady, and humid location. The ideal temperature range is between 42°F to 46°F (6°C to 8°C) and 66°F to 68°F (19°C to 20°C).


Ensure that the containers have proper drainage to allow water to flow freely. Regular watering and mist spraying are crucial to keep your orchids alive and ensure the petals retain their vibrant beauty.


Monkey face orchids flourish in orchid-specific soil. This type of soil is specially formulated to replicate their natural environment and does not contain traditional soil or sand. You can find orchid soil at your local nursery, which is well-equipped to cater to the needs of these exceptional plants.

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Live Monkey face in the center of this rare orchid
Photo: Martha Stewart

A Growing Fascination

The irresistible charm of the Dracula Simia monkey-faced orchid is undoubtedly a perfect ten on the cuteness scale. As their popularity continues to soar, these adorable flowers have captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts worldwide, becoming a delightful addition to any botanical collection.

Adorable monkey faced orchids have become very popular nowadays
Photo: Martha Stewart

Immerse yourself in the world of these captivating flowers and let the enchantment of the monkey-faced orchid brighten your day. For more information and to explore the wonders of nature, visit the Ames Farm Center, your gateway to a realm of botanical beauty and delight.