The Perfect Support for Your Monstera Plant

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Monstera Plant

Look closely among the mass of vines and aerial roots, and you’ll see a metal trellis gracefully holding it all together. Today, we will explore the best way to support your Monstera plant, ensuring it stays healthy and vibrant.

Do You Need to Train Your Monstera deliciosa?

Yes, indeed! The Monstera deliciosa grows in a similar fashion to pothos, with vines that keep extending. However, unlike the compact pothos, a few vines hanging out of the pot would quickly fill an entire room due to the Monstera’s larger size. To prevent this, it’s crucial to affix the vines to a sturdy trellis, allowing them to grow upwards and create a breathtaking display.

What About Using a Moss Pole?

Using a moss pole to mimic the natural environment of the Monstera plant is an option. However, keeping the moss moist at all times, as required by aerial roots, can be challenging indoors. Stagnant air and constant moisture can lead to the growth of mold and unwanted bacteria, which is not ideal for your plant’s health. Additionally, a moss pole might not provide enough stability for the heavy vines of a mature Monstera.

The Metal Trellis: A Reliable Choice

Metal Trellis

Instead of a moss pole, affixing your Monstera vines to a sturdy metal trellis is an excellent alternative. The Panacea Garden Ladder, with its triangular shape, offers exceptional stability. This design ensures that the trellis remains sturdy even when dealing with the weight and inclination of the vines. Ames Farm Center offers a range of metal trellises to suit your needs.

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Horizontal Cross Beams

To prevent any damage to your plant, it’s essential to secure the vines to the trellis using soft rubber ties. Twine or wires may dig into the plant’s flesh over time, but soft rubber ties are gentle and won’t mar the plant. These ties are strong, easily adjustable, and available in different colors to match your aesthetic preferences.

Tips for Training Your Monstera Vines

When your Monstera is young and fresh from the nursery, the vines may not start hanging off the pot for a few months. However, with proper lighting and watering, the vines will gradually extend outward. This is the perfect time to guide them onto the trellis.

Trellising Monstera

Initially, the leaves may face in awkward directions after tying up the vines, but don’t worry. Over time, as the newer leaves develop, they will naturally align themselves towards the light source. With patience and care, your trellised Monstera will flourish and create a stunning display of thriving foliage.

Watch How to Install the Trellis

Click here to watch a video of the trellis installation process. It will provide you with a visual guide to support your Monstera plant effectively.


Supporting your Monstera plant is essential for its growth and overall appearance. By utilizing a sturdy metal trellis and soft rubber ties, you can train your vines to reach new heights. Remember to start training when your Monstera is young, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey as your plant gracefully evolves. Explore the wide range of trellises available at Ames Farm Center, and embark on an exciting adventure of nurturing your Monstera to perfection.

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