Native Plant Signs: Celebrate Your Garden in Style

Have you put in the hard work to create a beautiful native plant garden? Now it’s time to celebrate and make your garden official with a stunning native plant garden sign! Not only will it add a special touch to your garden, but it can also spark conversations with your neighbors about the importance of growing local plants in our own yards.

The Perfect Sign for Native Plant Gardeners

Introducing the Native Plant Garden Sign, a creation from the renowned Native Backyards Etsy shop. This 9″x12″ metal sign showcases the abundance of pollinators and birds that thrive in a native garden. It goes beyond just aesthetics, emphasizing the vital role these plants play in supporting insects and wildlife.

Crafted with sublimation printing on aluminum, this sign is UV resistant, ensuring it stays vibrant even when displayed outdoors. Plus, it comes with free shipping! Whether you’re an experienced native plant gardener or just starting out, this sign will educate others about your conservation efforts and inspire them to join in.

Personalized for You

For a more personalized touch, consider the Personalized Native Plant Garden Sign. Add your name, state, or any other text you desire. Not only is it perfect for your own yard, but it’s also an excellent option for community gardens and demonstration gardens.

Welcoming Pollinators with Style

Is your garden a sanctuary for butterflies, native bees, and other beneficial insects? If so, the Pollinator Garden Sign is a must-have! This adorable Caterpillar Crossing – Watch Your Step sign adds a playful touch while informing others about the important role your garden plays in supporting these pollinators.

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Made from durable 9″x12″ metal, this yard sign features sublimation printing and is UV resistant. It’s not only eye-catching but also built to withstand the elements. And yes, shipping is free!

Pollinator garden sign

Certification for Wildlife Habitats

When your garden reaches the next level, why not certify it as a wildlife habitat? The National Wildlife Federation offers a certification program, and you can proudly display their Certified Wildlife Habitat Sign in your garden.

Creating a wildlife garden is a natural progression for native plant enthusiasts. You just need to ensure your garden provides water, food, shelter, and a place for young wildlife to thrive. Once you follow the steps to become certified with the NWF, you can order one of their fantastic signs!

National Wildlife Federation Sign

Educate and Inform

In addition to garden signs, there are other fantastic options for enhancing your native plant garden. Consider using individual plant markers to educate others about the specific native plant species you’re growing and the benefits they offer to wildlife.

Sturdy galvanized metal plant signs with paper inserts are a popular choice. Standing at 18″ tall, these markers have an opening for a 4″ x 5″ paper label that you can easily swap out. The label can include essential information such as the scientific name, sunlight requirements, and the wildlife benefits associated with each plant.

Metal plant marker with paper insert
Use metal plant markers with paper inserts to educate others about the plants you grow!

To help you get started, a simple editable template for creating your own plant markers is available for free download. Visit here to access the template.

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Explore the Native Backyards Etsy Shop

Looking for more delightful products for native plant enthusiasts? Look no further than the Native Backyards Etsy Shop! Alongside garden signs, you’ll find an array of items such as shirts, mugs, stickers, and garden printables. The best part? Twenty percent of all profits from sales are donated to the National Wildlife Federation, supporting their ongoing conservation efforts.

Native Backyards Etsy Shop

Celebrate your native plant garden and spread the message of conservation with these unique and high-quality signs and markers. Transform your garden into a place of beauty and inspiration while making a positive impact on the environment. Visit the Ames Farm Center today to explore these incredible offerings.