The Perfect Spare Tire Kit for Your Nissan Leaf


Are you a proud owner of a Nissan Leaf? Imagine cruising down the road, feeling the electric power humming beneath you, and suddenly, disaster strikes – a flat tire. You might be surprised to learn that Nissan, like many other car manufacturers, no longer provides a spare tire for your Leaf. But fear not! We at Modern Spare have engineered the perfect solution – the highest quality spare tire kit designed specifically for your Nissan Leaf.

The Ultimate Spare Tire Kit Experience

A Lightweight and High-Performance Solution

Our Modern Spare Kit is not your average spare tire. We have revolutionized the design by creating an aluminum alloy wheel that is significantly lighter and more capable than traditional steel counterparts. This means that handling our spare wheel/tire combination is a breeze. Not only that, but the low weight of our spare tire improves the performance and fuel economy of your Nissan Leaf, compared to carrying a heavier full-sized spare.

Quality and Safety Assured

When it comes to safety, we don’t compromise. Our alloy wheel meets or exceeds all the latest DOT highway safety standards, ensuring that you can hit the road with confidence. Equipped with a durable space-saving tire, each spare wheel comes with a DOT “M” speed rating, indicating that the tire has been tested for a constant speed of 81mph. While we recommend limiting your speed to 50mph, our “M” speed-rated tires are built to handle even more strenuous driving conditions.

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Better Tools for Hassle-Free Tire Changes

We understand the frustrations that come with typical spare tire tools, which is why we have gone the extra mile to make your experience effortless. Our custom low-profile scissor jack features a unique ratcheting handle mechanism that provides the necessary leverage to easily lift and lower your car. No more struggling with inadequate jacks.

And if you ever encounter stubborn or overtightened lug nuts, our Modern Spare telescoping lug wrench will save the day. With nearly two feet of leverage, removing and retightening your lug nuts becomes a breeze.

Designed Specifically for Your Nissan Leaf

Modern vehicles have specific lift points for proper jack placement, and your Nissan Leaf is no exception. We have meticulously designed our scissor jacks to lift your car correctly at the designated lift points. We know that a typical generic or universal jack won’t cut it.

Additionally, we have included a full-size, thick plastic tire bag to protect your car’s interior when carrying a flat tire and wheel. No more messes or worries about damaging your car during transportation.

Our Mission: The Best Spare Tire Kits Hands-Down

At Modern Spare, our goal is simple – to provide you with the best user experience possible and the highest quality product on the market. We have approached our Modern Spare designs from every angle to ensure that you have a reliable and convenient spare tire solution for your Nissan Leaf.

Please note: The overall diameter of our spare tire and wheel combination is meticulously sized to be right and correct for your vehicle’s drivetrain. This critical design feature ensures proper function and use. However, if your vehicle has an existing spare tire storage space, our spare may not fit. In such cases, we offer a convenient carrying case option.

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Need assistance or have questions? Reach out to our helpful staff at Ames Farm Center. We’re here to help!

How Is Our 18″ Spare Tire Fully Compatible With All Wheel Sizes Offered On Your Nissan Leaf?

Watch this informative video to learn more about the advantages and compatibility of our spare tire kit:

Modern Spare Tire Kit Video