Nutri Drench Poultry: The Ultimate Supplement for Healthy Birds


When it comes to poultry supplements, there is one product that stands out above the rest – Nutri Drench Poultry. Designed with a patented formula for rapid absorption into the animal’s system, Nutri Drench can truly save a bird’s life. But this supplement is not only for emergencies – it is also an excellent way to ensure your chicks start off healthy and strong from day one. Let’s explore the benefits of Nutri Drench and why every poultry owner should have it on hand.

A Boost to Start Strong

Rapid Absorption for Critical Recovery

To give your chicks the best chance at a healthy start, it’s important to provide them with the necessary nutrients. Nutri Drench is a lifesaver for any chick that may have struggled during hatching. By adding it to the waterers for the first couple of weeks, you can ensure that every chick receives the critical boost they need for recovery. The rapid absorption of Nutri Drench ensures that no time is wasted in providing them with the nutrition they require.

Supporting the Broody Mother

Even the most dedicated mother hens sometimes neglect their own needs for the sake of their eggs or young. Nutri Drench can be a great boost for these broody mothers, giving them the nutrition they need to stay healthy while caring for their offspring. Nutri Drench is suitable for all life stages, making it an essential addition to your birds’ emergency kit.

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Boosting Immune System for Optimal Health

Fast-Acting Immune Support

Nutri Drench’s unique formula is specifically designed to boost the immune system rapidly. Unlike other supplements that need time to be digested, Nutri Drench bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to the bloodstream. Within minutes, it can be measured in the bloodstream with an impressive 99% utilization rate. This means that your birds receive all the vital nutrients needed to restore their immune system in no time.

A Solution for Various Challenges

Nutri Drench is not just for emergencies. It is also an effective solution for various challenges that poultry can face. From extreme weather conditions to shipping strain, heat stress diarrhea to vitamin deficiencies, Nutri Drench provides the necessary support to keep your birds healthy and thriving. It can even maximize the response to antibiotics and vaccines, ensuring the best possible outcome in times of illness.

The Importance of Supplemental Nutrition

Vital Nutrition for Balanced Growth

Balanced nutrition is crucial for the growth, reproduction, and disease resistance of poultry. However, stress can often hide underlying problems until it becomes critical. That’s why it’s important to provide fast replacement nutrition when needed. Nutri Drench is the fastest replacement nutrition available, with an incredible 99% utilization rate. This means that your birds receive the necessary nutrients without delay, helping them recover from stressful situations.

No Digestion Required

Unlike other supplements that require digestion, Nutri Drench is unique in its ability to provide immediate nutrient balance. With Nutri Drench, there is no waiting time for the nutrients to be absorbed. This is especially important when administering antibiotics, as balanced replacement nutrition should always be used concurrently.

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Balanced Ingredients for Optimal Health

Nutri Drench is made using only natural nutritional ingredients. From propylene glycol to molasses products, calcium carbonate to choline chloride, this supplement is carefully formulated to provide the best possible support for your birds. With added vitamins A, D, and E, as well as essential minerals and amino acids, Nutri Drench ensures that your birds receive a well-rounded and balanced diet.

Get Your Nutri Drench Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you want your birds to be healthy, strong, and resistant to disease, Nutri Drench is a must-have supplement. It is easy to use and suitable for all life stages, making it a versatile solution for any poultry owner. Order your Nutri Drench from Ames Farm Center today and give your birds the best possible start to a healthy life.

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