Discover the Marvels of Phase Plant VST

Phase Plant

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Phase Plant, the multi-award-winning semi-modular softsynth, is a dream come true for music producers and sound designers alike. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled processing power, boundless creativity, and an intuitive workflow that will have you crafting incredible patches in no time. Prepare to embark on a journey of sonic exploration and push the boundaries of your own original sound. The possibilities are limitless.

Unleash Your Imagination

With Phase Plant’s open modular architecture, you have the freedom to design anything from compact synths to complex evolving patches. This ecosystem is not only intuitive but also immensely enjoyable to explore. Combine generators, modulators, and effects to your heart’s content, creating unique sounds with precision and ease. Craft your own sonic masterpieces and witness the birth of a new era in sound design.

Phase Plant

Superior Signal Generation

Phase Plant offers a wide range of source sounds, including regular waveforms, wavetables, samples, and noise. Dive into a vast selection of factory wavetables or craft your own with the advanced Wavetable Editor. Lay down a solid foundation and layer sounds seamlessly within a single synth, creating harmonious combinations that will captivate your audience.

Phase Plant

Essential Effects at Your Fingertips

Phase Plant comes bundled with Kilohearts Essentials, a comprehensive collection of effects plugins. Seamlessly integrate these plugins as Snapins within Phase Plant’s three effects lanes, unleashing your creativity by combining and modulating them as desired. Keep your FX processing within Phase Plant and infuse your presets with the perfect touch. Take your sound design capabilities to new heights with optional Premium Effects available for purchase.

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Phase Plant

Mind-Blowing Modulation

Phase Plant’s modular modulation section is a playground for ultimate control and boundless creativity. Connect modulators and utilities in an infinite number of combinations, achieving precise envelopes and LFOs or delving into wild randomization for unpredictable generative jams. Phase Plant empowers you to explore the depths of modulation, allowing you to shape your sound in unique and exciting ways.

Express Yourself with MPE

Why limit yourself when you can fully express your musicality? Phase Plant’s MPE compatibility enables you to unleash your creative expression like never before. Control notes, velocities, fine pitch, pressure, and timbre, unlocking unprecedented levels of articulation and sonic variety. Elevate your presets to new heights and let your performance shine through.

Phase Plant

Crafted by Industry Experts

Phase Plant is the result of the expertise and passion of experienced developers. Every aspect of the signal chain is optimized for the highest quality audio generation and processing, while keeping CPU usage to a minimum. Say goodbye to compromises in sound quality and embrace a tool that delivers professional-grade results in music production and sound design.

Granular Goodness

Get ready for an exciting new addition! Phase Plant now features a Granular Generator, fulfilling one of the most requested feature updates. Prepare to have your mind blown into tiny little pieces as you explore the realm of granular synthesis and unlock entirely new sonic dimensions.

Continual Evolution

Once you invest in any Kilohearts plugin, you gain access to lifetime free updates. Don’t worry about additional costs for future versions – Kilohearts has you covered. As software and OS compatibility improve, Kilohearts remains dedicated to enhancing their products with new features. With M1 Native support already implemented, the decision to invest in Kilohearts software is a wise move for any serious sound designer.

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: PC or Mac (M1 Native supported)
  • CPU: 2 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Software: Any DAW supporting VST 2, VST 3, AAX, or Audio Unit plugin standards

Kilohearts recommends staying up to date with the latest OS versions. Please note that Kilohearts cannot provide support for outdated OS versions no longer supported by their respective manufacturers. Ensure compatibility by trying the free trials before making any purchases.

Experience the magic of Phase Plant VST – the gateway to a world of sonic possibilities.

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