The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Calathea Ornata

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Customers at our Exmouth Market shop often seek our expert advice on how to keep their newly purchased houseplants thriving. If you’re looking to become more green-fingered, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll be sharing our best tips and tricks for caring for one of our all-time favorite houseplants: the Calathea Ornata!

Discovering Calatheas

The Calathea Ornata, also known as the Calathea Pinstripe or simply Pinstripe Plant, is a tropical beauty that makes a stunning addition to any home. Its unique pink striped leaves resemble an exquisite work of art.

In this article, we’ll guide you through watering techniques, finding the perfect location, and selecting the ideal pot for your new Calathea companion. Get ready to welcome a healthy and vibrant Calathea into your home!

Finding the Perfect Spot

Calathea plants thrive in environments with bright, indirect sunlight. Place your Calathea near east or west windows, where it can enjoy the gentle shade while still getting ample light. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as this could cause the leaves’ color to fade.

Keep your Calathea away from radiators and other heat sources that create dry environments. It’s also best to shield it from cold drafts and abrupt temperature changes, as it prefers a stable climate.

Mastering the Art of Watering

Calatheas adore humidity, so it’s crucial to keep the soil lightly moist at all times. Water your plant when the soil starts to dry out, ensuring it never becomes completely dry. However, be careful not to overwater your Calathea, as excessive moisture can lead to root rot.

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To maintain the desired humidity, mist your Calathea regularly. Consider using our convenient 2-in-1 watering can and mister combo for optimal care!

Going the Extra Mile

During the growing season (spring through autumn), fertilize your Calathea once a month. Our houseplant care tubes provide 100% natural and organic fertilizer options. Remember, misting is key to keeping your Calathea healthy, so make sure you have one of our popular green watering cans on hand for direct watering or misting!

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Choosing the Perfect Pot

While Calatheas require regular watering and misting, it’s important to prevent excess water accumulation. We recommend using a plastic nursery pot placed inside a decorative stoneware pot. Look for a pot with a small hole at the bottom, allowing water to drain easily and avoiding waterlogging. Simply place the pot on its matching saucer, and you’re good to go!

Some of our favorite pot options include the Alexa Ceramic Pots, the popular Bergs Potter Terracotta Julie Pots, and the stylish Concrete Plant Pots.

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Haven’t gotten your hands on a Calathea yet? Our Exmouth Market shop and online store offer Calathea Ornata and Calathea Velvet plants as part of our curated houseplant collection. If you live nearby, come and discover the perfect addition to your urban jungle and start building your very own plant collection!

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Remember, caring for plants can be both rewarding and therapeutic. With our expert advice and your dedication, your Calathea Ornata will flourish, adding beauty and vibrancy to your home. Happy gardening!