The Secret to Thriving Succulents Revealed: Unveiling the Power of Plant Food

Have you ever wondered if succulents need fertilizer? It may surprise you, but just like most plants, succulents can benefit from regular fertilizing. Contrary to popular belief, succulents require nutrients to grow healthy and vibrant. While they can extract some nutrients from the soil, fertilizer plays a vital role in enhancing their growth and bringing out their beautiful colors.

Commercial Fertilizers: Nurturing your Succulents

Choosing the right fertilizer is essential for the health of your succulents. It’s crucial to avoid using overly strong fertilizers that can potentially burn the plants. However, the right fertilizer, when used every few months, can significantly improve the well-being of your succulents.

One popular option is the Miracle Grow Cactus Fertilizer, which is balanced and recommended for succulents. Diluting commercial fertilizers in the initial applications can help prevent any potential burning.

Discovering the Magic of Manure Tea Fertilizer

During a winter photography session with Cindy Davison of The Succulent Perch, I stumbled upon the remarkable benefits of using Haven Brand Manure Tea as a succulent fertilizer. This unique product offers the advantages of compost or manure without the mess and odor. It is a natural and safe solution for fertilizing succulents, and the results were astounding.

To prepare the manure tea, simply place the tea bag in a large bucket filled almost to the brim with water. Let it steep for a few days, and then remove the tea bag. The mild nature of this fertilizer ensures that it won’t burn your succulents, making it easy to apply.

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Cold hardy Sempervivums and Sedums

A Glimpse into the Effects of Manure Tea

The transformation I witnessed in my succulents after applying the manure tea was truly remarkable. The plants grew larger and healthier, filling in the containers beautifully. Their vibrant appearance was a testament to the power of this gentle fertilizer.

Manure tea fertilizer bag steeping in water

Proper Application for Optimal Results

Applying the manure tea is simple and hassle-free. Pour the tea into a large watering can and generously water your succulents, taking care to cover the leaves as well. One application was sufficient for my outdoor succulents, resulting in a noticeable improvement in just 30 days.

Cold hardy Sempervivums and Sedums

Finding the Ideal Fertilizing Schedule

When it comes to fertilizing succulents, finding the right frequency is essential. While succulents can be fertilized as often as once a month, a single application each year, preferably in the spring, is generally sufficient. This timing aligns with the start of their growing season, allowing them to benefit from the extra nutrients.

For succulents that primarily grow during the winter, it is best to fertilize in the fall. Avoid using slow-release fertilizers, as they are potent and may harm the succulents. Instead, opt for a water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength.

Nurturing Indoor Succulents with Care

Caring for indoor succulents presents its own set of challenges. While fertilizing once a year in the spring is advisable, it’s crucial to consider the effects of rapid growth. Succulents may stretch if they are not receiving enough light while being fertilized. To counteract this, move the plants to a bright, shady outdoor area after fertilizing, or provide as much light as possible indoors.

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Exploring Alternative Fertilizer Options

Apart from traditional fertilizers, other organic materials can be used to nourish succulents. For instance, crumbled eggshells or eggshell tea can provide a calcium boost to your plants. However, it is important to note that these materials lack nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for succulents. Therefore, it may be necessary to supplement them with additional fertilizer that contains nitrogen.

A Final Word of Encouragement

If you are eager to see your outdoor succulents flourish, consider giving manure tea a try. Witness the impressive growth and lushness that this gentle yet powerful fertilizer can bring. Share your experiences with succulent fertilization and spread the knowledge to others who may benefit from this post.

Remember, healthy succulents are a delight to behold, and with the right care and nourishment, you can transform your succulent garden into a thriving oasis.

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