How to Add Style to Your Living Room’s High Ledge

Do you have a high ledge in your living room that needs some decorative flair? Are you unsure of how to make it stand out? High ledges can be the perfect canvas for adding style to any space, particularly in living rooms, and when done right, they can become a focal point. From picture frames and ceramic vases to antique decor pieces and artwork, there are countless ways to adorn your high ledge. The key to achieving a stunning display lies in finding the right balance and size for your decor items while keeping it simple and clean. In this article, we will guide you through a range of creative ideas, allowing you to transform your high ledge into an eye-catching feature in your living room.

high ledge decorating ideas

I) Get Started with These Ideas

Decorating a high ledge can sometimes feel challenging, considering the layout of your living room and the design aspects you need to incorporate. However, with a little creativity, you can make the most of these hard-to-reach spaces and turn them into captivating displays. To get you started, here are a few ideas that will add character to your high ledge:

1) Brighten up with a Multicolored Vase

Vases are an excellent choice for decorating high ledges, both in the living room and throughout your home. Consider placing two or three multicolored ceramic vases of different heights on your high ledge. They make a stunning visual impact and can be further enhanced with colorful flowers. However, opt for artificial flowers to save yourself the hassle of daily maintenance.

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2) Incorporate Fake Plants

To add a touch of greenery to your high ledge without the need for constant care, artificial plants are a fantastic option. They look real from a distance and provide a low-maintenance solution to keep your high ledge looking vibrant and lively.

high window ledge decor

3) Utilize Pottery

Pottery items, such as vases, dishes, and storage bowls, offer a traditional touch to your high ledge. They are perfect for creating an attractive appeal and do not require frequent movement or adjustment.

4) Showcase a Family Sign

Adding a family sign to your high ledge is a creative way to decorate it. It not only showcases your family but also adds a personal touch to your living room.

5) Show off Antiques

If you have antique items lying around, a high ledge is an ideal spot to display them. Vintage clocks or metal cars can give your living room a timeless and classy appearance.

decor for high ledges

6) Embrace Baskets

Baskets are an excellent way to decorate any space, including high ledges. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to mix and match to create a unique and stylish look.

7) Lean Picture Frames against the Wall

Instead of hanging picture frames, try leaning them against the wall on your high ledge. This trendy approach adds a modern touch and allows you to display different sizes and colors of frames.

II) Explore More Creative Ideas

Now that you have a starting point, let’s dive into more creative ideas to make your high ledge a standout feature in your living room.

how to decorate a high ledge in the foyer

A high ledge in your living room can serve multiple purposes. It can be utilized for storage, provide an opportunity to incorporate greenery, and allow for artistic displays. Here are a few more ideas to consider:

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1) Transform Your High Ledge into a Storage Space

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to decorate your high ledge, consider using it as a storage space. Use boxes, bins, and baskets to store items like blankets, pillows, books, and throws. Label each container for easy access whenever needed.

2) Add a Touch of Greenery

To introduce a natural element to your high ledge, try adding potted plants or DIY planters. Hanging plants from the ceiling can also create a beautiful and natural display. Choose from a variety of flowers, climbing vines, miniature plants, or even high-quality artificial plants that require little maintenance.

decor ideas for high ledges in living room with lanterns

3) Make a Statement with Paint

Painting your high ledge can instantly transform the look and feel of your living room. Choose contrasting colors or patterns that complement your walls. Semi-gloss paints are recommended for easy cleaning. Experiment with different shades and colors to create an eye-catching design.

4) Display Artwork and Pictures

Hanging artwork or placing picture frames on your high ledge adds a personal and artistic touch to your living room. Consider using command strips or picture hangers to securely display your favorite pieces. You can also mix and match frames to create a gallery wall effect.

5) Set the Mood with Large-Sized Candles

Candles are an elegant way to decorate your high ledge while providing ambient lighting. Choose candlesticks that are proportionate to the height of your ledge and opt for scented options for an added sensory experience. Alternatively, use artificial candles that resemble real ones without the hassle of wax.

6) Embrace the Distressed Look

Distressed decor items add a unique personality to your high ledge. Pair distressed pieces with green twigs, faux floral arrangements, or bouquets for an appealing aesthetic.

7) Illuminate with Lights and Lamps

Lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting your high ledge and the entire room. Incorporate various lighting options such as tree branch lights, mini fairy lights, lanterns, or small battery-powered lamps. These will not only illuminate the space but also enhance the visibility of your decor items.

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decorating ideas for high stairway landing ledge

Remember, your high ledge doesn’t have to be limited to a specific type of decoration. You can also experiment with figurines, toys, books, and holiday items to add personality and variety. Consider rotating your decor items periodically to keep your high ledge fresh and interesting.

III) Making Your High Ledge Attractive

To make your high ledge truly attractive, consider adding personalized touches and useful storage ideas. Incorporate artwork or canvas that reflects your personal style, and utilize the space for organizing items like books, pillows, and blankets. Adding natural or artificial plants and flowers will bring a pop of color and life to your high ledge.

IV) Considerations when Decorating Your High Ledge

Before diving into decorating your high ledge, keep these considerations in mind:

1) It’s Not a Mantle

Remember that a high ledge is different from a mantle, as it is located at a certain height. What works on a mantle may not necessarily work on a high ledge.

how to decorate high ledges

2) Scale Matters

Ensure that at least one item on your high ledge is two-thirds the height of your ceiling. Proper scaling prevents your decoration from looking too small or cluttered.

3) Dusting Considerations

Given the height of your high ledge, dust will accumulate. Avoid decor items that are difficult to clean and maintain.

Remember, leaving your high ledge empty can also be an architectural feature. You can paint it with your favorite colors or patterns to create a visually appealing statement.

black and white vintage wall art

Now that you have a multitude of ideas for decorating your high ledge, feel free to unleash your creativity. Choose the options that best suit your style and experiment to make your living room truly unique. Don’t forget to browse our online store for stunning wall art canvases that will complement your high ledge. As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a 15% discount on your order with the coupon code: BLOG15. Happy decorating!