Planting Potatoes in Autumn: A Guide to Maximizing Your Harvest


Are you curious about planting potatoes in the fall? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Although the reasons for doing so may vary depending on your location, the benefits are undeniable. Whether you want to take advantage of the cooler season for a winter harvest or get a head start on the spring growing season, this article will provide you with valuable insights and tips for successful autumn potato planting.

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Why Choose Autumn Planting?

A Natural Phenomenon

Every year, after turning the cover crop, I am greeted by sprouting potato plants in the beds where I planted potatoes the previous year. These volunteers seem to possess an innate sense of timing, commencing their growth based on the weather conditions of each season. Flourishing in the cool, moist spring soil, they outpace weeds and fend off pests like cutworms. This phenomenon sparked an idea: why not plant potatoes in the autumn instead of spring? With potatoes thriving in cool and moist soil, planting in fall not only yields better results but also eliminates the pressure of adding one more vegetable to your already bustling spring schedule.

Benefits of Autumn Planting

There are numerous advantages to planting potatoes in the fall:

1. Get a Head Start

Autumn planting allows your potatoes to establish their roots during the winter, giving them a head start. As soon as the soil warms up, they will begin growing above ground, enabling your plants to gain momentum before insect pests become a menace.

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2. Unpredictable Spring Weather

Potatoes thrive in cool weather and moist soil, precisely the conditions found in spring. While this climate may not be ideal for the gardener, it’s perfect for potato growth. By planting in the fall, your plants can immediately take advantage of favorable conditions. In contrast, heavy rain or snow in the spring may delay planting, causing potential setbacks that are less likely to occur in the fall.

3. Earlier Harvest

An earlier start means an earlier harvest. Even potatoes with longer growing times will mature before winter, benefiting from the extended period of spring, summer, and fall growth.

4. Two Harvests in One Season?

Depending on the potato variety and the duration of your growing season, you might have enough time for two bountiful harvests by opting for fall planting.

5. Avoiding Bug Season

Springtime often coincides with the emergence of pests. By planting in the fall, you can bypass the thick and bothersome bug season, minimizing the challenges associated with insect damage.

6. No Need for Chitting

Chitting, or pre-sprouting, is unnecessary for autumn-planted potatoes. With ample time to grow, your potatoes can flourish without this preparatory step.

7. Underground Growth During Cold Spells

By planting in autumn, your potatoes will have ample time to develop roots during the off-season. Consequently, when the weather warms up, they will experience explosive growth above ground.

8. Abundance of Compost

Autumn typically brings an abundance of compost and soil amendments. Take advantage of this seasonal availability and enhance the nutrient content of your potato beds.

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Is Autumn or Spring Planting Preferable?

The choice between fall and spring planting hinges on your specific environment. Consider the following factors:

  • If you reside in an area with a short spring and a subsequent dry and hot summer, fall planting is recommended.
  • Autumn planting is also beneficial if you struggle to harvest your potatoes before pests cause damage.
  • Conversely, if you live in a region like the Pacific Northwest, where growing potatoes in the spring is relatively easy, it may be wise to wait for the optimal conditions of the upcoming season.

So why not try planting a small patch of potatoes in the fall and witness the remarkable results for yourself?

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