How to Create a Plant Saucer Using 2 Simple Methods

How To Make A Plant Saucer

Are you wondering how to make a plant saucer at home? Instead of purchasing one, you can utilize unused pans or saucers from your kitchen. However, if you prefer a more solid option, you can easily create one using cement, soil, and other necessary materials. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step guides for both methods.

Method 1: DIY Plant Saucer With Household Items

Making a plant saucer is easier than you think. Let’s begin with using a used pan. Start by removing the handle, which will leave behind a hole where the screw was. You can fill this hole with some mold or other suitable materials. Place the pan underneath the plant container, or if necessary, use a plastic refrigerator storage container as a temporary solution. Just ensure that there are no holes in the saucer.

However, if you desire a more sturdy plant saucer, the next method will guide you in creating one using cement or concrete. Before we proceed, feel free to explore various alternative DIY plant saucer ideas.

Method 2: Crafting a Cement or Concrete Plant Saucer

To prevent water from the plants from spilling onto your floor, it is essential to create a sustainable plant saucer using the following materials:

  • A cardboard box
  • A plastic plate (any type will suffice)
  • Cement
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Components for mixing the cement
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Step 1: Select a Suitable Cardboard Box

Find a cardboard box that fits your needs. For instance, you may use cardboard from a birthday cake box. Clean the cardboard with oil, ensuring that the cement adheres to it easily. Use a brush to apply the oil onto the box.

Step 2: Mix the Cement

Take the time to select the suitable type of cement and sand for the task. Mix the cement with the right amount of water. Be cautious not to add too much water, as it needs to match the cement-to-water ratio. Use a bowl to mix the cement thoroughly.

Step 3: Pour the Cement Into the Box

Start by using a spoon to mix the cement, then gradually pour it into the box. Shake the box with force to eliminate any air gaps that may cause leaks in the saucer.

Step 4: Place the Plate

Act swiftly during this step. If the cement sets, it will become difficult to place the plate properly. Position the plate in the center of the box and gently press it down with your hands. Add some heavy materials on top of the plate to allow it to settle into the concrete.

Step 5: Wait and Remove the Cardboard Box

After a day, remove the heavy materials from the plate. Carefully take out the cardboard to reveal a solid concrete saucer. Additionally, you can also create heavy-duty clear plastic plant saucers using plastic, which offer their own set of benefits.

This Video Will Assist You As Well!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How important are plant saucers for indoor plants?

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A: Plant saucers are highly useful for indoor plants, as they provide proper drainage and prevent water damage.

Q: Can I create my own plant saucer?

A: Absolutely! This article provides you with two simple methods for making your own plant saucer.


Plant saucers are essential for maintaining the health of your plants, especially for those grown indoors. In this article, we have presented two accessible methods for creating your own saucer. By utilizing household items or cement and concrete, you can ensure optimal care for your plants. So, why not try making your own plant saucer today?

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