The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Pre-Emergent Herbicides for your Lawn

Think your beautiful lawn is under attack from pesky weeds? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Pre-emergent herbicides are the secret weapon to keep those unruly weed seeds from sprouting. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your lawn?

In this guide, we’ll reveal the top pre-emergent herbicides for your lawn, discuss their unique features, and help you make an informed decision. Say goodbye to crabgrass, chickweed, and foxtail, and say hello to a pristine lawn!

The Best Pre-Emergent Herbicides — Reviews

1. The Champion: Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65WDG

Trusted by professionals nationwide, Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65WDG is considered the ultimate barrier against crabgrass, spurge, and other broadleaf weeds. Its concentrated formula ensures a more thorough coating when spread, making it highly effective.


  • Active ingredient: Prodiamine
  • Application: Dissolved and spread as liquid
  • Package size: 5-pound bottle
  • Coverage per package: Varies by turf type
  • Price Range: Moderate

2. Best Granule Herbicide: The Andersons 0.48% Barricade

Looking for a granule-based alternative? The Andersons 0.48% Barricade is an excellent choice. This prodiamine-based herbicide can be easily dispersed using a push spreader, shaker bottle, or scoop. It provides superb weed control at an affordable price.

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  • Active ingredient: Prodiamine
  • Application: Spread as granule
  • Package size: 18- or 40-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 5,800 or 12,800 square footage
  • Price Range: Inexpensive

3. Best Natural/Organic Herbicide: Epsoma Organic Weed Preventer

If you prefer a natural solution, Epsoma Organic Weed Preventer is your best bet. Made with corn gluten, it effectively creates a barrier against crabgrass, dandelion, and other common weeds. Plus, it acts as a natural fertilizer, nourishing your lawn as it breaks down.


  • Active ingredient: Corn gluten
  • Application: Spread as dry granule
  • Package size: 25-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 1,250 square footage
  • Price Range: Moderate

4. Best Herbicide/Fertilizer Combo: Scotts Turfbuilder Halts Crabgrass Preventer

For a two-in-one solution, look no further than Scotts Turfbuilder Halts Crabgrass Preventer. This pendimethalin-based pre-emergent herbicide also contains added fertilizer. It’s specifically designed for crabgrass prevention and helps green up your lawn after winter.


  • Active ingredient: Pendimethalin
  • Application: Spread as dry granule
  • Package size: 13.35- or 40-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 5,000 or 15,000 square footage
  • Price Range: Inexpensive

5. Best for Crabgrass: Pendulum 2G

When it comes to crabgrass and poa annua, Pendulum 2G is the go-to herbicide. This granular formula is highly effective and can be used on turf lawns, garden beds, and wooded areas. Just apply it in the early spring for optimal results.


  • Active ingredient: Pendimethalin
  • Application: Spread as dry granule
  • Package size: 40-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 8,000-16,000 square footage
  • Price Range: Expensive

6. Broadest Spectrum Herbicide: Snapshot 2.5 TG

If you have a wide variety of weeds in your lawn, Snapshot 2.5 TG is the perfect solution. This broad-spectrum herbicide aims to cover all the bases and prevent weeds from sprouting. Ideal for yards near open fields or natural areas.

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  • Active ingredients: Trifluralin and Isoxaben
  • Application: Spread as dry granule
  • Package size: 50-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 11,000 square footage
  • Price Range: Expensive

7. Best Value Herbicide: Dimension 2 EW

Looking for a cost-effective option? Dimension 2 EW is your answer. Although it has a higher initial price tag, this half-gallon bottle will last a long time as you battle weeds. Dilute it with water, and a little goes a long way!


  • Active ingredient: Dithiopyr
  • Application: Diluted and spread as liquid
  • Package size: Half-gallon bottle
  • Coverage per package: 100,000 square footage or more
  • Price Range: Expensive

8. Best for Fungal Growth: Scotts DiseaseEX Lawn Fungicide

Not just a herbicide, but a solution for fungal infections as well. Scotts DiseaseEX controls existing fungus and creates a barrier against 26 different lawn diseases. Perfect for maintaining a healthy, disease-free lawn.


  • Active ingredient: Azoxystrobin
  • Application: Spread as dry granule
  • Package size: 10-pound bag
  • Coverage per package: 5,000 square footage
  • Price Range: Inexpensive

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Right Pre-Emergent Herbicide

With so many options available, it’s essential to consider a few factors before making your decision.


When comparing herbicide prices, it’s crucial to consider the coverage you’ll get from each product. A higher-priced product may provide more coverage and last longer, saving you money in the long run.


Liquid herbicides require a pump-style sprayer for precise and even distribution. This equipment can be costly but is necessary for optimal results. Granular herbicides, on the other hand, are easier to spread and require less expensive equipment.


Consider your region’s climate and rainfall patterns when selecting a pre-emergent herbicide. Some granular herbicides may not withstand heavy rain, while liquid herbicides penetrate the soil faster and stay longer.

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Say goodbye to pesky weeds and hello to a vibrant, weed-free lawn! With the top pre-emergent herbicides at your disposal, you can keep your lawn looking immaculate year-round. Choose the one that suits your needs, and reclaim your lawn from those unwanted invaders.

Remember, maintaining a beautiful lawn is a labor of love. So grab your favorite pre-emergent herbicide, put on your gardening gloves, and let’s get started!

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