Pure Leaf Empowers Women to Say “No” with Grants

March 10, 2022

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is on a mission to create a world where women can confidently say “no” at work without facing negative consequences. In support of Women’s History Month, Pure Leaf has introduced the “No” Grants, an initiative designed to help women prioritize themselves by saying “no” to work demands. By partnering with The SeekHer Foundation and Allyson Felix, a celebrated champion for women’s rights, Pure Leaf aims to empower women to say “no” and reclaim their well-being.

The High Cost of Saying “No”

Traditionally, the financial and personal costs of saying “no” have been disproportionately high for women in the workplace. According to a groundbreaking survey commissioned by Pure Leaf, nearly three out of four women anticipate negative outcomes when declining work requests, and two out of three actually experience them. Perhaps more startling, each time a woman declines an ask, she may sacrifice up to $1,406 in future earnings.

A Solution for Women’s Empowerment

Recognizing the need for change, Pure Leaf has launched the “No” Grants. These grants provide women with the freedom to prioritize their personal lives without financial consequences. Whether it’s attending a family event, participating in a continuing education class, or taking a mental health day, the grants allow women to confidently say “no” to work demands and prioritize their well-being.

Partnerships for Empowerment

In collaboration with The SeekHer Foundation and Allyson Felix, Pure Leaf aims to make a significant impact. The SeekHer Foundation, led by Dr. Monica Mo, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and closing gender gaps in mental health. By partnering with SeekHer, Pure Leaf ensures that grant recipients receive not only financial support but also access to personal development resources through the foundation’s Community Care Program.

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Celebrating Contributions and Removing Barriers

Each “No” Grant covers $1,406, representing the maximum amount women risk losing in future earning potential every time they decline a work ask. In its inaugural launch, the program aims to award grants to 100 women. Pure Leaf, Allyson Felix, and The SeekHer Foundation will review applications during three separate application periods. This initiative is part of Pure Leaf’s commitment to invest $1 million over the next three years in partnerships and initiatives that empower women to confidently say “no” at work.

A Champion for Change

Allyson Felix, the renowned American Track and Field athlete and advocate, has partnered with Pure Leaf to launch the “No” Grants. Having experienced the repercussions of saying “no” firsthand, Felix understands the importance of supporting women who face similar challenges. She is committed to helping women in minority communities overcome the high costs of saying “no” at work, empowering them to prioritize their well-being without fear of financial repercussions.

Building a Better World Together

The SeekHer Foundation is proud to be the official non-profit partner of the Pure Leaf “No” Grants. With a mission to bridge gender gaps in mental health, the foundation advocates for women and supports emerging leaders who are driving change in their communities. In addition to financial support, grant applicants gain access to SeekHer’s personal development resources through their Community Care Program, making the journey to empowerment a holistic experience.

Apply and Embrace the Power of “No”

To apply for a “No” Grant, women can visit the Pure Leaf Grants website and share how they would use the funds to confidently say “no” at work. For more information about Pure Leaf and the empowering “No is Beautiful” campaign, visit the Pure Leaf website or follow @PureLeaf on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Since its launch in 2020, the Pure Leaf “No is Beautiful” campaign has inspired people to prioritize what truly matters by saying “no” to the insignificant. Pure Leaf takes pride in its commitment to deliver exceptional products by saying “no” to artificial flavors, tea powders, and concentrates. With the “No is Beautiful” campaign, Pure Leaf strives to create a culture where women can confidently say “no” and embrace what truly matters in their lives.

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