The Spectacular Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Are you searching for an extraordinary accent plant that can serve as the centerpiece of your landscape? Look no further than the exquisite Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (Prunus x cistena). With its captivating foliage, stunning flowers, and bird-attracting qualities, this ornamental shrub is truly in a league of its own.

A Welcoming Delight

Imagine planting this charming shrub near your entranceway, greeting guests with its enchanting presence. The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry has a distinctive allure that sparks conversations effortlessly. It is a true beauty in every season, boasting a graceful branch structure that remains captivating even in the depths of winter.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

From the early spring foliage to the vibrant summer months, this plant will dazzle you with its three-inch leaves, which exhibit a rich reddish-purple hue. The leaves maintain their vibrant color throughout the summer, while even the young bark adorns a purplish tinge.

As spring arrives, delicate white flowers with a touch of pink grace the shrub, complementing the early foliage beautifully. Belonging to the Rose family, these flowers possess a remarkable charm.

A Fall Extravaganza

Prepare to be amazed as autumn descends upon your landscape. The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry undergoes a breathtaking transformation, transitioning into a mesmerizing red-bronze hue before gracefully shedding its leaves. The spectacle is truly awe-inspiring.

A Feast for the Birds

This outstanding plant is not just visually appealing—it is also a haven for our feathered friends. While you may not notice the small, dark purple cherries that form in early fall, the birds certainly will. They will flock to enjoy this delectable treat, and you can feel a sense of pride in providing for our avian companions as summer turns to autumn.

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Versatile and Ornamental

The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry has a dense growth pattern, allowing it to reach an impressive size if left to grow naturally. However, with simple pruning, you can easily control its size and shape. Whether trained into a single-stemmed small tree or maintained as a shrub with lower branches, this plant is a true showstopper deserving of a prestigious spot in your landscape.

The Perfect Year-Round Choice

If you desire a stunning shrub that captivates your attention throughout the year, the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry is the ideal selection. Its beauty knows no bounds. Place your order today and prepare to be mesmerized.

How to Incorporate Purple Leaf Sand Cherry in Your Landscape

Integrate this extraordinary plant into your mixed foundation planting, where it will effortlessly enhance the area near your front door or grace the corner of your house. Its presence will command attention and captivate onlookers.

For a visually appealing barrier, consider planting several Purple Leaf Sand Cherry shrubs along your patio. Unlike other hedges, this lovely shrub will add an element of charm and elegance to your yard.

Prepare to be truly enchanted as you witness the growth of the dark leaves and delicate flowers transforming into the tiny cherries. The ever-changing landscape will be a feast for your eyes, creating a symphony of colors that you won’t be able to resist.

And it’s not just a visual delight—the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry also pleases the ears. The leaves gracefully swaying in the breeze provide a soothing sound, while in fall, the sounds of bird calls will fill the air as they come to enjoy the cherry harvest.

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Place this remarkable shrub in a prominent position where you can revel in its splendor year-round.

ProPlantTips for Care

As with all plants from Nature Hills, it is essential to review the Plant Highlights to understand the unique growing conditions this shrub prefers. The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry has an upright growth habit that gradually spreads with age.

Ensure that you provide ample space for the shrub to reach its full mature size, eliminating the need for extensive pruning.

For optimal performance, the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry thrives in moist, well-draining soil. Proper air circulation is crucial for these trees, so ensure they have enough “elbow room” to truly shine.

This low-maintenance, medium-sized shrub establishes itself quickly, rewarding you with its exceptional benefits. Hardy, long-lived, and beneficial to wildlife, it displays the best leaf color and uniformity when exposed to full sun.

Embark on the journey of growing this magnificent plant by ordering your Purple Leaf Sand Cherry today. Prepare to be mesmerized by its beauty and captivated by its charm. Click here to visit Ames Farm Center and place your order.