Evergreen Shrubs with Red Leaves: Adding a Pop of Color to Your Garden

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your garden, consider adding evergreen shrubs with red leaves. These stunning plants not only provide a striking pop of color but also maintain their vibrant foliage all year round. Whether you live in a colder climate or simply want to add some visual interest to your landscape, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s explore some of the most captivating evergreen shrubs with red leaves that are sure to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Mesmerizing Evergreen Shrubs with Reddish Leaves

Have you ever come across a shrub with red leaves, even during the winter? If you have, you know just how captivating these plants can be. In case you’ve wondered about their names, we’ve got you covered. Here are some stunning evergreen shrubs with reddish leaves that will leave you in awe:

1. Heuchera: The Colorful Perennial

Heuchera is well-known for its beautiful foliage that ranges from deep purple to bright red and even yellow-golden tones. These evergreen perennials are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Plant them in rich, well-drained soil and ensure they get plenty of sunlight or light shade. With their ability to withstand cold winters, Heucheras are perfect for colder climates.

2. Fringe Flower: Cascading Beauty

For something unique, consider the Fringe Flower. This evergreen shrub produces cascading clusters of fragrant yellow flowers against dramatic bronze, olive green, or burgundy foliage. It grows up to 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide when mature and prefers full sun or light shade with moist soil.

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3. Red Tip Photinia: Fast-Growing Delight

The Red Tip Photinia is an evergreen shrub with stunning glossy red foliage. You can trim it into a hedge or leave it alone for a more informal look. This fast-growing shrub is perfect if you’re looking for quick results. It loves full sun but can also thrive in partial shade.

4. Burgundy Loropetalum: Showstopper in Color

Featuring brilliant pink flowers against rich burgundy foliage, the Burgundy Loropetalum is a showstopper from late spring through summer. In wintertime, its leaves turn a deep mahogany color. This hardy shrub can reach up to 10 feet high and 10 feet wide and thrives in full sun with well-drained soil.

5. Coral Bells Berry Smoothie: Waves of Color

This evergreen perennial, also known as Coral Bells, adds bright red foliage for waves of color all year round. It prefers full sun or partial shade and needs moist but well-drained soil. With a height of about 1 foot, it’s an excellent choice for those with limited space.

6. Fairy Wing: Shimmering Beauty

The Fairy Wing is an evergreen shrub that produces bright glossy green leaves. As temperatures cool down, the leaves transform into a vibrant red color. It’s best grown in full sun with moist but well-drained soil. Be careful not to overwater, as excessive moisture can lead to root rot.

7. Red Leaf Hibiscus: Bright and Beautiful

The Red Leaf Hibiscus boasts stunning dark magenta blooms surrounded by bright red foliage throughout the summer. It thrives in warmer climates (USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11) and adds a vibrant touch to any garden.

Deciduous Shrubs with Lovely Red Foliage, Berries, and Flowers

While finding shrubs with consistent red leaves all year can be challenging, there are plenty of deciduous shrubs that offer varying shades of red, burgundy, and maroon leaves and blooms throughout different seasons. Here are some of our favorite red-leaved deciduous shrubs:

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1. Japanese Barberry: Accent Plant Extraordinaire

The Japanese Barberry is a deciduous shrub with red foliage all year long. With small spines on its stems, it adds a unique texture to your garden. This attractive accent plant thrives in full-sun areas, prefers moist but well-drained soil, and is hardy in USDA zones 4-8.

2. Smokebush: Dynamic Color Throughout the Seasons

With its deep purple or red leaves in spring, bronze or yellow foliage in summer, and a return to purple or red in the fall, the Smokebush is a dynamic shrub that adds interest to any landscape. It grows up to 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide, prefers slightly acidic, well-drained soil, and is hardy in USDA zones 4-9.

3. Spiraea Double Play Big Bang: Burst of Colors

The Spiraea Double Play Big Bang is a deciduous shrub with bright orange-red foliage in the fall, complemented by white flowers in late spring to early summer. It grows up to 4 feet tall and wide and prefers moist, well-drained soil. This vibrant shrub is hardy in USDA zones 5-8.

4. Diabolo Ninebark: Dark and Dreamy

The Diabolo Ninebark is a deciduous shrub with glossy dark green foliage that transforms into a reddish-purple hue in the fall. It delights with white flowers from late spring to mid-summer. This shrub can tolerate a wide range of conditions, as long as it grows in well-draining soil. It is hardy in USDA zones 3-7 and reaches a height of 6 feet and a width of 8 feet.

5. Crape Myrtle Black Diamond: A Touch of Elegance

With its stunning orange-red foliage in the fall and beautiful white flowers from late spring through early summer, the Crape Myrtle Black Diamond is sure to impress. This rounded shrub grows up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide, prefers moist but well-drained soil, and is hardy in USDA zones 6-10.

6. Japanese Maple Bloodgood: A Classic Beauty

The Japanese Maple Bloodgood is a small tree cherished for its bright red foliage, unique shape, and texture. It grows best in zones 5-8 and prefers moist but well-drained soil. Plant it in full sun or partial shade, and its vibrant leaves will add a striking touch to your landscape.

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7. Smokebush Velveteeny or Royal Purple: Purple Majesty

For a touch of purple, consider the Smokebush ‘Velvetteeny’ or ‘Royal Purple.’ These bushes thrive in zones 4-7, with vibrant purple foliage that turns red in the fall. They prefer full sun but can tolerate some shade, making them versatile choices for your garden.

8. Japanese Maple Inaba Shidare: Stunning Display

The Japanese Maple Inaba Shidare is an ornamental tree with deeply cut red-purple foliage that creates a stunning display throughout the year. It reaches a height of 8-12 feet and a width of 8-10 feet. Plant it in full sun or partial shade with moist soil for optimal growth.

9. Ninebark Tiny Wine: Compact and Colorful

The Ninebark Tiny Wine is a deciduous variety that reaches only 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Its deep burgundy-maroon leaves stand out against other plants in the garden, adding a touch of elegance. It prefers full sun but can tolerate shade and requires well-drained soil.

10. Black Lace Elderberry Plant: Seasonal Interest

This eye-catching shrub provides seasonal interest with its bright red leaves in spring, dark purple foliage in summer, and scarlet hues in the fall. It reaches a height of 6-8 feet and a width of 5-7 feet. It thrives in full sun to partial shade and moist soil.

With plenty of options available, you can enjoy the beauty of red-leaved shrubs throughout the year. Whether you prefer evergreen shrubs that maintain their vibrant foliage or deciduous shrubs that offer a seasonal display, there is a variety to suit every garden. Enhance your landscape with these breathtaking plants and create a garden that captivates with its bursts of red color.

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Thank you for reading, and let us know your favorite shrub with red leaves or if we missed your favorite red-leafed tree or shrub.