How to Multiply Your Money Plant: Tips for Propagating Jade Plants

If you’re looking to increase your “wealth,” why not multiply your money plant? Propagating jade plants by cuttings is an easy and rewarding process. In this article, we’ll show you two simple methods for propagating jade plants by leaf cuttings or shoot cuttings. Let’s dive in!

Propagating Money Plants: The Best Time and Requirements

Successful propagation starts with timing. Spring is the ideal season for propagating jade plants, as the growing conditions are optimal for the development of saplings. To ensure success, it’s essential to use the right substrate. Consider mixing cactus soil with about 10% mineral content, such as fine gravel or expanded clay. This mixture enhances the substrate’s permeability and provides the best conditions for strong root development in the cuttings.

To avoid any mishaps during propagation, it’s crucial to use clean and sharp tools. Sterilize your knife with high-proof alcohol to prevent any germs from entering the cut and infecting the young cutting.

Cactus soil mixed with mineral material is a suitable substrate for the cuttings
Cactus soil mixed with mineral material is a suitable substrate for the cuttings [Photo: Gheorghe Mindru/]

Summary: Best Time and Requirements for Propagation

  • Ideal time: spring
  • Warm and bright conditions
  • Mix substrate: Cactus soil with 10% organic material
  • Use sharp and clean tools

Propagating a Money Plant from Leaf Cuttings

Propagating jade plants from leaf cuttings is a simple technique that works wonders with succulents like the jade plant. Start by selecting the healthiest leaves from your money plant. Cut them directly from the shoot of the plant. Allow the cuts on the leaves to dry for a few days. Once dried, place the individual leaves in pots with the previously mixed substrate.

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Next, find a bright and warm spot for the pots, maintaining an optimal temperature of 20 °C. Regularly mist the leaves to keep the substrate moist, but not wet. After a few weeks, new roots will begin to form on the leaf cuttings. However, keep in mind that a rooted leaf is not yet an independent young plant. Successful propagation is only considered when new shoots emerge from the leaf, which may take longer than the root development.

A single leaf from the plant is enough for propagation
A single leaf from the plant is enough for propagation [Photo: Luoxi/]

Summary: Propagating Jade Plants from Leaf Cuttings

  • Select strong leaves
  • Cut the leaves with a clean, sharp knife
  • Allow the cut to dry at a temperature of 20 °C
  • Put leaves in pots with substrate and keep moist
  • Provide plenty of light and maintain a temperature of 20 °C
  • Regularly moisten the leaves

Propagating Jade Plants from Shoot Cuttings

Another method for multiplying your money plant is through shoot cuttings. These can be taken from both the crown and the side shoots of the jade plant. Unlike leaf cuttings, shoot cuttings involve taking whole shoots instead of individual leaves. When pruning your tree, you can use the resulting cuttings for propagation.

Select strong and non-woody shoots, approximately seven to ten centimeters long. Remove the lower leaves, leaving only the top two pairs intact. Let the cuttings dry for two to three days before planting them in pots with the prepared substrate.

Tip: Instead of placing one cutting per pot, you can group them together for bushier and fuller plants.

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For cuttings, leave only the top two pairs of leaves
For cuttings, leave only the top two pairs of leaves [Photo: Colleen Fenwick Dutcher/]

The saplings will thrive in a bright and warm environment. Regularly provide sufficient moisture by using a spray bottle to keep the substrate moist and maintain higher humidity. For even better conditions, you can create a mini greenhouse, ensuring the perfect growing environment for the young plants. Remember to air out the mini greenhouse regularly to prevent the formation of mold. Within a few weeks, the cuttings will develop new roots, and once well-rooted, they can be repotted into larger containers.

Summary: Propagating a Money Plant from Shoot Cuttings

  • Select a healthy shoot
  • Take cuttings with a length of 7-10 cm
  • Leave only the top two pairs of leaves
  • Allow the cuttings to dry for 2-3 days
  • Plant the cuttings in pots with substrate and moisten well
  • Keep the cuttings in a bright and warm place
  • A mini greenhouse provides the ideal conditions

To provide optimal nutrition for your plant throughout the year, consider using a dedicated succulent and cactus fertilizer or a slow-release fertilizer with a long-term effect, such as Plantura All Purpose Plant Food. Slow-release fertilizers are ideal for jade plant care as they only need to be applied once in the spring.

So, if you love your money plant, give it the care it deserves. Check out our dedicated article on jade plant care to learn all about proper watering, pruning, and feeding techniques for your plant. Remember, the path to a bountiful money plant starts with successful propagation!

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