The Beauty of Roselilies: A Floral Revolution

Roselilies are captivating and rapidly gaining popularity in the world of flowers. These trendy lilies offer several advantages and unique qualities that set them apart from the traditional Oriental Lilies. With the combined beauty of a rose and the quality of a lily, Roselilies are truly a sight to behold. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about these stunning flowers.

What Exactly is a Roselily?

So, what exactly is a Roselily? Roselilies are one of the most exquisite types of lilies found worldwide, captivating many with their unique shape and vibrant colors. These double-flowered lilies resemble roses when they open, with their numerous petals and a delicate fragrance. This exquisite bloom is a result of crossbreeding Oriental lilies with Trumpet lilies, resulting in large, double flowers available in various shades, including pink, white, and even bi-colored varieties.

What are roselilies and why are they popular
Photo: @catbirdflowerfarm

Roselilies are highly regarded for their soft fragrance and long vase life, making them a popular choice as cut flowers. These stunning blooms are also commonly grown in gardens as ornamental plants, renowned for their striking beauty and resilience. Originating in the Netherlands, the popularity of Roselilies has now spread worldwide.

The Advantages of Roselilies

Flowers have always played a significant role in human culture, symbolizing various emotions and serving as decorations and gifts. Among the numerous flower varieties, Roselilies stand out due to their unique traits and advantages. Let’s explore why these flowers have become immensely popular in recent times.

With their stunning appearance and delightful fragrance, Roselilies are a favorite among floral designers. The large, double blooms resemble roses, with a rich color palette ranging from pure white to deep reds and pinks. The velvety petals add to their allure. Moreover, Roselilies are pollen-free, making them a perfect choice for individuals with allergies.

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The Double Flowered Roselily Isabella
Roselily Isabella

One unique advantage of Roselilies lies in the wide range of hues they come in. From soft pastels to vibrant pinks and reds, these lilies offer endless possibilities to floral designers, allowing them to create spectacular arrangements. Additionally, bi-color varieties with striped or spotted petals provide greater versatility, complementing various garden styles and color schemes.

Arrangement with roselilies
Photo: @rwjacksonphotography

10 Popular Roselily Varieties

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular Roselily varieties that have gained widespread use and admiration across the globe. Here are four must-have varieties:

Roselily Natalia

Roselily Natalia features pale pink flowers with a dark pink tinted stripe and speckles towards the center. The petals are edged in white, while the center of the flower boasts a striking gold-yellow hue.

Roselily Natalia Van Schie
Roselily Natalia

Roselily Samantha

Roselily Samantha showcases bright dark pink flowers with a white edge, creating a beautifully flaming appearance.

Roselily Samantha Van Schie
Roselily Samantha

Roselily Sara

Roselily Sara boasts large light pink flowers with a dark midrib and speckles towards the light green heart. This variety offers at least 18 well-spaced buds per plant, resulting in a fully filled bouquet. Its eye-catching beauty makes it perfect for living rooms and patios.

Roselily Sara
Roselily Sara

Roselily Sita

Roselily Sita is one of the newest additions to the Roselily pot plant family. This white Roselily variety features beautiful round flower buds that open into large white flowers with a yellow vein towards the center and bright pink speckles.

Roselily Sita
Roselily Sita

Apart from these captivating varieties, there are many more remarkable Roselilies created by passionate growers and breeders.

Roselily Growers and Breeders Around the World

There are numerous skilled Roselily growers around the world, each specializing in producing the highest quality flowers. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them:

De Looff Lily Innovation

De Looff Lily Innovation is the pioneering breeder of Roselilies. This renowned breeder focuses on developing new double-flowered lily varieties, with little to no scent and unique shapes. De Looff Lily Innovation collaborates with export companies to make these exceptional Roselily varieties available worldwide.

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De Loof Lily Innovations breeders of roselilies
Roselily growth process from the beginning

Van Schie

Van Schie, a Decorum grower, cultivates various types and colors of high-quality Roselily plants. Van Schie has been a pioneer in pot plant cultivation since 1985. With optimal cultivation conditions and precise processing, Van Schie ensures that every Roselily plant reaches the right stage and is packaged perfectly, with the goal of bringing happiness to people with their beautiful Roselilies.

Van Schie roselily growers
Photo: @van.schie

Moerman Lilium

Moerman Lilium is dedicated to growing top-quality lilies in a sustainable way. With a commitment to producing flowers using environmentally friendly practices, Moerman Lilium guarantees fresh, beautiful lilies with a minimal ecological impact. Their focus on natural growth benefits both the products and the environment.

Roselily Grower Moerman Lilium
Moerman Lilium

Sarah and Michael’s Farm

Sarah and Michael’s Farm specializes in growing delicate flowers such as lilies and Roselilies. Their commitment to quality ensures fresh, beautiful blooms perfect for various occasions. Among their remarkable Roselily varieties are Roselily Aisha, Roselily Angela, and Roselily Viola.

Michael Turner from Sarah & Michael's Farm
Michael Turner from Sarah & Michael’s Farm

These are just a few examples of the passionate growers and breeders dedicated to bringing the beauty of Roselilies to the world.

Why Floral Designers Love Working With Roselilies

Floral designers are enamored with Roselilies for several reasons. The unique appearance of Roselilies, combining the traits of roses and lilies, makes them a striking addition to any floral arrangement. With their large, double blooms, they create a mesmerizing visual impact and serve as a conversation starter.

Floral designers love roselilies
Photo: @van.schie

Certain Roselily varieties exude a delightful fragrance, adding another layer of sensory appeal to floral creations. The sweet and mild scent of Roselilies makes them highly sought-after. Designers often prefer Roselilies due to their long vase life, ensuring arrangements remain fresh and beautiful for weeks.

Roselilies offer a wide range of colors, making them a versatile choice for different occasions and design styles. From formal to informal arrangements, these stunning flowers can be paired with other blooms or greenery to create a variety of captivating looks.

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Symbolism of Roselilies

Like many flowers, Roselilies carry symbolic meanings that vary across cultures and contexts. Here are some common symbolic interpretations associated with Roselilies:

Love and Romance

Roselilies, like many lilies, often symbolize love, romance, and passion. They are frequently chosen for wedding bouquets and other romantic occasions, representing the purity and beauty of deep emotional connections.

Femininity and Motherhood

The delicate beauty and soft colors of Roselilies are often associated with femininity and motherhood. These flowers make a popular gift for mothers, grandmothers, and other significant women in one’s life.

Renewal and Rebirth

In certain cultures, lilies symbolize renewal and rebirth. As perennial flowers, lilies bloom year after year, often coinciding with the arrival of spring, signifying new beginnings.

Sympathy and Remembrance

Lilies, particularly white ones, are commonly used to express sympathy and condolences. They represent purity and innocence, making them a suitable choice for funerals and memorial services.

Roselily Care Tips

If you plan to bring the beauty of Roselilies into your home, here are a few care tips to ensure they thrive:

Pot Roselilies prefer a cool, light spot to maximize their bloom time. Keep the root ball slightly moist, avoiding excessive dryness. Roselilies do not require additional nutrition as everything they need is already within the bulb. Remove spent flowers and avoid placing the plant near ripening fruits, as ethylene can accelerate the aging process. After flowering, you can even transfer the bulb to your garden for a second life.

Colorful pink roselilies
Photo: @oregonflowers

Roselily plants are available from May to October, so seize the opportunity to bring these vibrant blossoms into your home or garden.

In conclusion, Roselilies have emerged as a floral revolution, capturing the hearts of both flower enthusiasts and floral designers. With their mesmerizing beauty, delightful fragrance, and versatile nature, Roselilies are set to adorn countless bouquets and arrangements across the globe. Embrace the beauty of Roselilies and let them fill your surroundings with their unique charm and elegance.

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